New Autoimmune Disease Resources

We’re half way thru February – the month of love – so, here’s a little love from me to you.

A whole new set of resources that will help you manage your health, your life and your spirit.




And there are MORE NEW pages coming soon!

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  1. I love the section on detox essentials, very crucial to anyone with autoimmune diseases of any kind, in my opinion. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of great knowledge to help us all live a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. Autoimmune Diseases are new to me, and shockingly much more prevalent than I had once thought. These are great resources, especially about Biofilm. I’ve been trying to learn more about that for someone close to me with Lyme Disease.

  3. Thank you for your free gift offer about juicing, and I’m also very interested in your auto-immune resources! You are a wealth of healthy information!

  4. Wow! A great list of resources!! Thank you so much for compiling it! As someone who has recently had some health issues and was in the hospital three times in the last few months , I am very interested in improving my health.
    My brother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer so I will share applicable topics with him.

  5. I am sure if I search long enough, I will run across it, but what is the recipe for the jar of mix (granola) that is on the Sjogrens page>>>
    I just am drooling thinking about this!
    Tomorrow is grocery day and I’d love to pick up all the ingredients for this.
    thank you!

  6. I have been trying to change my eating habits, and sometimes the research I have one resource conflicts with another. So far what I have read on your website has been helpful, so I would love a chance to win the vegetarian step by step book that you are offering. Thanks for putting this website together.

  7. Can’t wait to check out information on Hypothyroidism and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I really appreciate all that you do to research these topics and bring us the best information available. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  8. Thank you so much for all your hard work and willingness to share what you uncover. You are a true blessing to all your readers. I can wait to quick out some of these resources. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I often refer to these when I’m having “issues”…it never ceases to amaze me how much what you put into your body affects pretty much EVERYTHING! I’m so thankful for this and also for the wisdom to realize such a thing. Just wish everyone did.

  10. Wow! What an amazing list of resources. Thanks! The symptoms for a toxic body almost sound like allergy symptoms. I suppose your body would be toxic if you were consuming foods your body cannot tolerate. It’s amazing how our bodies communicate to us.

  11. Amy. This is amazing and so helpful. Thank for all the time you spent on this to help suffering people who usually have struck out in our health care system. Blessings to you.