Trusting yourself is the name of the game when you’re in the middle of a health crisis or you’re dealing with a health issue. You cannot give your power away to someone else and abandon yourself. You must start to listen to what your body is trying to tell you and you must get in touch with yourself. That is the only way.

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How to trust your body again after dealing with health issues.

If we really get quiet with ourselves and break away from all the noise of social media, the news, TV, gossip and so much more, we’ll start to be able to listen to our body and what it’s trying to tell us.

For instance, if you’re feeling run down right now, ask yourself WHY?

What’s Depleting You?

Well, maybe you’re angry because your kids woke you up early so you only slept 5 hours and then you were exhausted all day long. And maybe this has been going on for years. So, your health is suffering. And you’ve tried every supplement and pill and holistic modality but nothing is working. That’s because your body is in fight/flight mode and you’re in overdrive. You need to slow the heck down, lady.

It’s the opposite of what our society talks about and the opposite of what everyone tells you to do (work harder, push more, etc. etc. etc.) but it’s how you start to tap into your internal GPS system, your intuition, so that you can start to listen to yourself and trust yourself.

When you trust yourself, the fear goes away.

And then you can start to say, “NO” more often and cross things off your schedule and make yourself a priority.

Because without that, you’re not going to get better and you’re certainly not going to feel better. Once your adrenaline wears off and your adrenals start to shut down, you’ll hit a wall and you won’t be able to get back up. I know because I was there for way too many years….pushing myself to be more, more and more. But, it just sets you up for burnout.

What You Can Do

Start slowly but cutting something out at night so you can get to bed earlier or you have your kids do a quiet morning activity to let you rest. There are always options. Always.

But, this lack of sleep could still be causing problems because your body has been thrown off balance and out of whack. So, you’ll need to go to acupuncture or some other form of body/energy work and talk to them about what’s going on….instead of you just prancing in there complaining about being tired. Now, you know you can get to bed earlier. support your thyroid and adrenals and start taking action. This is being a team with your doctor AND learning how to trust your own body.

Moreover, when it comes to trusting your body again when you’ve been through a lot of health trauma or health issues or food allergies, can be tough and feel emotionally exhausting. I know. I was there and there are still things that feel scary for me as I enter the real world after 10 years of being unwell. It’s about listening to and trusting your body in every situation.

Out to dinner and the waiter is serving something you can’t eat? Instead of having fear about re-introducing a certain food, start slow or just order something else and then re-introduce that food at home.

Scared to go out and have fun after years of being sick?

I get it.

It’s hard to get used to living a life where there is no pain after you deal with so much pain in your body for so long. But there is a way out of it.


How to Trust Yourself

Yes, trust that by listening to yourself and your intuition and your body, you’ll be lead in the right direction. Ignore the fearful voice in your mind and listen to what feels right in your gut. Go with your FEELINGS—what FEELS good? Let go of your logical mind and focus more on your intuition and what feels good to your body. That is where the real healing starts to take place and allows your body to feel safe again, which in turn creates trust between you and your body, which is KEY for your health and well being.

Trust me on this.

This may sound odd to you or maybe it sounds weird, I know, but it’s because most of us weren’t brought up learning this or understanding this because our parents didn’t know any of this and they had no idea how to trust themselves. All they knew was to trust what their parents taught them was ‘right’ and they trusted doctors and society and advertisements and accepted that as the truth.

The sad thing is that we’re all now realizing that ads and society have it all backwards and they’re really only after the bottom line. They really don’t care about you or your health. And to me, that’ the most upsetting part because who can we trust?

You can TRUST yourself. That is the only way. Follow what feels good.

Once you do this work in your own life, you’ll see everything start to flow instead of fear creeping in.

Trust. Trust, Trust.

You’ve got this.

Big hugs.


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