This year our team is making big shifts to step more into our purpose to give you the tools and the power to help you dive deeper into healing yourself and feeling your best. Our new column, Unraveling, focuses on a new topic each month that we believe is important to address when you’re trying to navigate all the different stages of growth in your life. The purpose of this column is to help you drop the identity of all the negative programming and conditioning you’ve taken on throughout your life that’s negatively (and often silently) impacting your health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and energetic layers of your body.

Letting go of what's holding you back

From someone who is still in awe of my own unraveling and undoing layer after layer to reach a place of self-compassion, this was the catalyst for something so much bigger than myself. I look back now and realize it was as though there was a purpose to my health crisis and all the pain that came with it all these years. This is what comforts me daily and has led me to trust the universe – a power far greater than myself that has been guiding me every step of the way.

My Journey With Unraveling

What is unraveling? Unraveling is not about losing control or coming undone or thinking that you’re broken. It’s about letting go. Letting go and surrendering to release the tension that has held us back so that we can reveal the parts of ourselves we’ve been shameful of and have kept hidden for years, maybe decades, thinking we’re not worthy of them. What does this look like? It’s about releasing the labels, beliefs, perceptions,  + “should be doing” and allowing ourselves be what we were meant to be before we tried to be accepted and loved by everyone else.

Some of you may be wondering how this type of emotional and energetic unraveling impacts our health. And like you, it sure sounded foreign to me until I really started to shed what no longer served me in my life. And, I’m talking about all aspects of my life from friendships, doctors, western medicine, foods that made me feel awful, stress, gossip, trendy superfoods, scrolling through Instagram 10x a day and more.

I’ve been on this healing journey for quite some time and throughout this journey, I was handed books on the mind-body, emotions and energy and I dismissed it all because I didn’t have time for it. All I wanted was a medical book to heal me. But, that never happened.

I did not think for one itty bitty teeny weeny minute that I would actually get better by taking my attention away from food, supplements, and protocols instead focus on what was going on unconsciously in my mind.

Now, before I get into this I want to let you know: I’m skeptical of everything. I repeat, everything.

So when I tell you that I ignored all of the above mind-body mumbo jumbo for many years it was because I was skeptical. That was until the food, supplements and best doctors no longer could help me five years ago. I was in the lowest place of my life and had nowhere to turn but myself. I was forced to look at myself and what was going on inside my mind that was driving my body to get worse and not heal.


The Rock Bottom That Forced Me to Wake Up

What has upset me throughout my twelve (very long + frustrating) years of trying to be healthy and fighting for my life to stay alive has been that the amount of MIS-INFORMATION that we receive through every medium possible, which is not only sad, it’s quite disturbing. I cannot even begin to count the number of women and men that walk into my office telling me their story of how they got to the place they are in a rock bottom with their health and the “fake news” they’ve been told for WAY TOO LONG that has negatively affected their health, their mindset, their belief systems, their perception of life, their emotions….their EVERYTHING.

As a highly sensitive empath, someone who deeply feels for others and can feel others emotional pain, I often feel sick to my stomach with the lies so many of us have been told, which is what January’s topic is all about: Shedding.


What is Shedding?

Shedding is eliminating what no longer serves you. Because what most of us do not realize is that we’re running on empty with a set of outdated programs, beliefs, thoughts and more that were ingrained into us by our teachers, family, friends, colleagues, advertisements and more. When we hit rock bottom and can no longer go on and live the way we once did, we take a step back to look at our life and how we got to where we are in the mess that we’re in with our health or our relationship or our job or whatever it may be. It makes us stop and ask one question: “Who gave all of this to me and how do I get rid of it?”


Creating the Shift & Get Rid of The Shed

In our recent three-part feature Why Staying Safe Makes You Feel Stuck, I introduced the idea of awareness to you and gave you a little sneak peek into starting to become conscious of the unconscious thoughts, beliefs and more — all the unconscious things that have been running your show for decades. YES, decades. It’s hard to swallow but it’s true and this is exactly what I get deep into with my clients in my private sessions because healing is NOT just about food. You can eat all the kale you want but you will never fully heal. It’s sad and true.

The mind is controlling everything, YES, everything so you must go into the mind to see what’s going on unconsciously that’s driving the body to not heal itself. Because despite what we’ve been taught to BELIEVE, the body can heal itself.


Let’s Start Shedding

In the next chapter of my work, which I created last year for in my retreats and my private clients (and will be outlined in great detail in my next book) I came to the conclusion that one cannot heal with food alone. Sure, it can help a lot and we can feel incredible but there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS so much going on in the mind because our subconscious mind remembers everything from our life- the big traumas, the mini-traumas, the breakups, the teasing, the being made fun of, the feeling insecure, the shame, the guilt, the anger, the rage… get the point.

This negative energy you’re feeling from these memories are painful – very painful. Add to this the replaying of negative emotions you feel from those memories all day every day and this zaps up your physical energy.

All of this is driving us day after day. Yes, despite what you want to think or believe, it is. And sadly, we’re unconscious to all of it, which is exactly why this next level of work teaches you how to crack into this side of healing yourself so that you can release all of the emotional and energetic baggage to allow your physical body to heal. I’ll tell you right now if you’re suppressing anger from an argument 5 minutes ago or 5 decades ago- it is an energetic block in your body and it is causing symptoms and keeping you out of homeostasis. Discovering this deeper work is what allowed me to heal physically, emotionally and energetically and it’s taken me a decade to do so. 

Just the thought of thinking of whatever happened makes you FEEL that anger (or other emotion) in your body. That alone will show you how your mind and your body are so closely related and how your mind is greatly affecting your health. No, this is not something doctors are taught. No, there is no pill to heal any of this. It takes work and dedication but I promise you when you heal from your past, your physical body will radiate, will heal itself and you will feel better than ever because you freed up all that toxic energy for your body to repair and heal. If you’d like to get started with learning the areas in which you need to shed and release, we have a retreat on August 9-11th in California on our Events page or you can book a private session.

In the meantime, I recommend you start with our  30-Day Reset to get you started, to addresses the physical detoxification of the liver and organs to remove toxins that accumulate over time as well as the emotional layer of the body. This program will only be available for another month and is ideal for anyone wanting to reset their body for the New Year and help themselves on a deeper level than medicine can address.

The views expressed in this article intend to share alternative treatments to bring about conversation and are for informational purposes only even if this article features advice from M.D’s and medical practitioners. This featured article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis and should never be used for specific medical advice. 

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