Taking responsibility for your life.

If you told me 10 years ago that I had to take responsibility for my own health I would have cried.

I was too scared to do that or even think about doing that.

Why should I have to add something else to my list of things to worry about when a doctor could just take care of me and be responsible for me?

That was my mentality.

Flash forward to today and I’ve realized that the ONLY way… I repeat, ONLY way to heal your body and be healthy is to take responsibility for your own life and your health. The doctor is not you. The doctor does not go home with you, as I mention in my book, Eating Clean and sadly the majority of doctors only know how to band-aid symptoms.

I admire doctors. I do. I really do. They save lives every single day. But, where they fall short is in the HEALING process. They have no idea what it means to actually HEAL the body.

Up until a few years ago, I thought ‘healing’ meant taking a pill so my symptoms would disappear. Sadly, the majority of people still believe this and think this way.

But it’s not.

Healing is about getting to the root cause of what’s going on deep down inside of you. It includes looking at your past, your emotions, your toxic load, your infections, your food, the filtered water you drink, how much and how well you sleep and so much more.

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It is not a one size fits all approach.

It is a JOURNEY.

A very long journey that requires patience and inner strength.

The biggest issue I see with all of my clients is that they do not know how to take their health into their own hands, own their power and listen to themselves and their intuition. And so, they end up frustrated, anxious and confused.

And it’s no wonder they end up in my office because they’ve tried everything and they’re still not feeling like themselves. Something is still off. Something isn’t right. And yet they continue to look to everyone else for guidance on instagram and Facebook and read every book (on health and dieting and specific health issues and more) and they’re lost.


Because they’ve lost the connection with themselves.

And because they do not TRUST themselves.

This is exactly what I work on with ALL of my clients because they are unconsciously disconnected from their body just like I was for 30+ years.

This healing journey is not about soaking up as much information as you can from as many doctors, leading experts, etc. as you can. That will leave you confused and lost and depressed because they will ALL contradict each other on at least one topic.

You have got to come back to yourself.

It’s the only way to heal.

You have to take responsibility for what happened and how you got to where you are.

You have to stop blaming yourself.

You have to stop making excuses.

I know it’s not easy. Yes, I know first-hand. I struggled for 10+ years and wasn’t sure if I was going to make it another day.

I suggest you stop listening to all the noise outside of you if you really truly want to be a healthy human being. You’ve gotta stop doing what everyone else is telling you to do, eat, drink, etc and listen to what your body wants and do that.

I assure you, when you live from that place, your body has a beautiful way of healing itself because you’re finally paying attention to it.

You’ll see.


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