These Veggie Fajitas are fast, flavorful and super easy to whip up for a weeknight dinner when you don’t have the time to be slaving over your stove top. Ready in 20 minutes or less, they’re healthy comfort food with a unique twist of naturally sweet flavor!

Easy veggie fajita recipe on a black slate ready for dinner.

You can’t go wrong with a fajita recipe. It’s just not possible. Especially when it can be on your table in under 20 minutes. Let me show you how it’s done. Listen below to my audio segment on the How-To or read below to get started!

How to Make these Veggie Fajitas (AUDIO)

How to Make these Veggie Fajitas

First of all I must say there is a grown-up twist to this Creamy Basil Cashew Sauce. I added tomatillios as well as a fresh peach (if you’re making this and it’s not peach season, use an orange) and almond butter along with a few other fresh ingredients such as cashews and basil, of course. You might think this is an odd combination but I assure you, it’s delicious.

I never steer you wrong, do I?

Now, let’s talk about how to make these Veggie Fajitas so you can toss them together tonight.

All you’re going to need to do is 3 simple steps:

1. Make the quinoa in a pot on the stove top with 1 cup boiling hot water for 15 minutes, stirring often.

2. Meanwhile, make the Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce in a small food processor until creamy.

3. Add the quinoa, beans and other veggies into the center of the toasted tortillas. Add the Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce and EAT.

YES, it is that easy.

Vegan Veggie Fajitas on a black slate for dinner.

Tips for Making these Veggie Fajitas

I suggest using raw cashews for the sauce. Be sure your cashews don’t have any salt or oil on them when you purchase them; this will give you the best flavor!

When you’re making the quinoa, feel free to use vegetable broth in place of water when you’re cooking it on the stove top.

I used fresh parsley for a fajita topping but you can use additional basil (along with what is in your sauce) or fresh tarragon. All of these herbs go well with this recipe!


Easy Veggie Fajitas on toasted tortillas with quinoa and veggies.

Option to Add Organic Animal Protein

Because all of our bodies are very different, some of you have requested recipe alternatives that have animal protein options. So, for this recipe, here’s what you can do if you’re in the mood for it.


Vegan Fajita recipe filled with colorful veggies on a beautiful slate.

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Veggie Fajitas with Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce
Serves: 4
easy veggie fajitas served with a creamy sauce made from fresh basil and cashews on a black slate on the table.

These Veggie Fajitas are fast, flavorful and super easy to whip up for a weeknight dinner when you don't have the time to be slaving over your stove top. Ready in 20 minutes or less, they're healthy comfort food with a unique twist of naturally sweet flavor!

Author: Amie
Recipe type: Entree


Veggie Fajitas

  • 1/2 cup quinoa
  • 1 cup water
  • 8 small gluten-free whole grain tortillas
  • 1 can cannellini beans (reserve 2 Tbsp. of these beans for the sauce) drained
  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes (or 2 large ripe yellow or red tomatoes) diced
  • 1 medium cucumber diced
  • 1/4 cup red onion diced
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh parsley finely chopped
  • 1 tsp. fresh lemon zest

Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce


Veggie Fajitas

  1. Light your stove top flame to medium heat. Using tongs, hold one tortilla at a time over the flame until the tortilla is brown and toasty on both sides, about 5-10 seconds on each side. Place the toasted tortillas on a serving platter.

  2. Cook the quinoa according to the package directions for 15 minutes. I usually use 1 cup of water to cook 1/2 cup quinoa. Remove from the heat, fluff with a fork and set aside for 5 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile, prepare the Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce (recipe below).

  4. In the center of each tortilla, add a scoop of quinoa, beans, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, parsley and lemon zest. Top with the Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce, wrap like a fajita and serve immediately. 

Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce

  1. Puree all the ingredients in a mini food processor or blender and puree until smooth. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper. Set aside.

Nutrition Facts
Veggie Fajitas with Creamy Cashew Basil Sauce
Amount Per Serving
Calories 289 Calories from Fat 81
% Daily Value*
Fat 9g14%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 262mg11%
Potassium 594mg17%
Carbohydrates 42g14%
Fiber 10g42%
Sugar 5g6%
Protein 13g26%
Vitamin A 525IU11%
Vitamin C 19.3mg23%
Calcium 132mg13%
Iron 5.2mg29%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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