This year our team is making big shifts to step more into our purpose to give you the tools and the power to help you dive deeper into healing yourself and feeling your best. Our new column, Unraveling, focuses on a new topic each month that we believe is important to address when you’re trying to navigate all the different stages of growth in your life. The purpose of this column is to help you drop the identity of all the negative programming and conditioning you’ve taken on throughout your life that’s negatively (and often silently) impacting your health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and energetic layers of your body.

Worthiness and your health


Let’s talk about it.

It’s not something that I really started to fully grasp until a few years ago. Why? Well, because it’s not something we’re taught in school or in our careers; it’s something that we have to learn for ourselves and unfortunately the majority of us have very LOW self-worth because of all the things that have knocked us down a bit in our past (breakups, layoffs, losing people close to us, divorce, health issues, etc.). 

Self-worth is key for anything that we want in our lives because if we have low self-worth, we’ll be broadcasting that from our subconscious mind, which is the vibe we give off. I’m sure you’ve seen people walking down the street with their head held low or looking down and you can FEEL their energy (heck, if you’re a highly sensitive empath like me, you can probably feel their emotions and those emotions are HEAVY). Who’s with me here? What you’re picking up on is that person’s energy of what they are broadcasting out. It’s all ENERGY as we discussed last month in our Unraveling column.

So, what does self-worth have to do with this?

A lot.

If our self-worth is one of the deepest roots of where we broadcast our energy from, then what we’re giving off is a match to the worth we feel for ourselves. Sadly, as mentioned above, due to past painful experiences we’ve created a bunch of stories in our heads about what happened to us in our past that shut us down physically, emotionally and energetically (the three layers of healing in The Valpone Method™). When you take a step back, you can start to see how your past has shut you down beyond just the physical, which means a bunch of kale and superfoods is only going to get you so far. 

Your Bird’s Eye View

It’s key for us to get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in our life and what happened in our past to be able to become conscious of what’s lurking in our subconscious mind that we repressed from our past because it was too painful to feel. This might be the trigger that popped your balloon like my breakup was for me or maybe it was a divorce or the shame you felt as a child for your body or the humiliation you felt from a parent who didn’t respect your boundaries. We all have lots of ‘stuff’ lurking inside of us and it’s all energy because emotions are just energy in motion so when you start to understand this, you can bring yourself through The Valpone Method™ to rewire your brain, recreate yourself and step into the woman you’re meant to be. 

This is exactly why I created The Valpone Method™, which will be taught in both of my upcoming retreats and is reviewed in my private sessions. We also have an online program launching very soon so that you can go through The Valpone Method™ yourself in the company of your own home and as a member of our community, so stay tuned.

Start with Awareness

For now, awareness is the name of the game as I talked about in my series Why Staying “Safe” Makes You Feel Stuck and How to Move Forward. I suggest you start there because that will help you become more conscious of what’s going on and why you do the things you do. Then, you’ll be ready to dig into the subconscious, which is the operating system for your entire body and of course controls all your organs, so you can imagine the impact this has on your health.

Take some time for yourself, take a nice bath (try my favorite bath ingredients below) and spend some time alone. If you don’t like being alone, look at what the fear is beyond that. Do you not feel worthy of being alone? Do you feel abandoned? Do you feel scared? Do you feel like you’re not enough? Is it causing you anxiety because of all the thoughts going through your mind when you are alone because you don’t have anyone else to talk to? Look at this and start to journal it out…you’ll start to see patterns that will help you gain awareness into what’s limiting your self-worth. That’s a great place to start.



My upcoming Whole Body Transformation Retreat in Santa Cruz, California in August a great place for you to start to dive into understanding these deeper layers of healing and to understand for yourself first-hand that healing is a journey. This retreat is my lowest price point yet, which is a great opportunity for anyone looking to meet me in person and understand the missing pieces keeping you unwell. This retreat is based on the groundbreaking new method I created and called The Valpone Method™, which I developed to help you understand and discover the emotional, energetic and physical aspects of healing. And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you with because somewhere deep inside you know that there is more than just eating clean to really bring yourself back to life. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or magic pill for health issues. 

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