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I started The Healthy Apple, in my early 20’s, to share the journey of healing myself from more than two dozen chronic health issues. Over the years, I’ve compiled my research, study, and experimentation within these pages to benefit you as it has me. 

Fourteen years later, I’m leaving illness behind. Now, it’s time to truly live and focus on creating a beautiful life. I hope you’ll join me over at AmieValpone.com as I embark on this next chapter, which unifies my love of cooking simple food, appreciating everyday wonder, and embracing expanded ideas of consciousness.

If you’re new here, I suggest reading my first book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body to find out how my journey can help guide you through your own. I know it can be excruciating and exhausting to heal yourself in a world that insists on a quick fix. I hope this glimpse into my challenges makes you feel less alone. 

I’m confident you will find your way as you begin your journey back to yourself. You can follow the program I’ve laid out for you in Eating Clean, bolstered by all the resources on this site. 

  • Create an anti-inflammatory lifestyle with the recipes and tools I provide. 
  • Connect with yourself, even on your most difficult days, with guidance from my mind body articles
  • Awaken to a whole new level of wellbeing through the health modalities and resources I’ve shared. 

This journey takes time and patience. After years of treatments feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my health, my life slowly started to open up. 

My own creativity came back at 36. 

My personality reappeared at 37. 

My sense of self expanded at 38. 

And I finally achieved the health I’ve longed for so deeply at the age of 39. 

As I enter my 40’s, I’m learning to live as a fully integrated, healthy woman who feels whole, for the very first time.

Cultivating and sharing this compendium of resources has helped me immensely. Your comments, letters, and in-person hugs have vitalized my own healing and taught me how to believe in myself. Thank you for 14 wonderful years.

I look forward to seeing you at AmieValpone.com as I share the next chapter of my journey. 

Much Love,



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