Dear Amie

Amie Valpone in Manhattan


Welcome to Dear Amie.

These Dear Amie audio segments are a way for me to get a bit closer to you. Many of you have told me you feel like I’m sitting right next to you in your home when you’re listening and that’s what this is all about.

These episodes aren’t just about your physical wellbeing. They’re about your life and what your life can feel like when you stop going through the motions and bumping up against limiting subconscious beliefs. Dear Amie was designed to move you beyond habitual patterns, to untangle your anxiety and to let you finally feel what it means to be alive and free.

As you’ve seen with my own journey (read my story here), life is going to pull you in different directions. You can either fight the new directions or you can let go, take out your compass and ask…


“What is this here to teach me and how can I grow from this experience?”


Every person’s mind and body– and thus everyone’s life– is a landscape, and none of us have a neutral landscape. Every one of us is living in a land that has been mapped and marked by what has happened in our past, and how we’ve responded. 

You don’t have to live the way that you are, and we do not have to assume that our landscape is “fixed”.

We can shift, grow, and transform the very land beneath our feet.

Realizing this helps you believe you can be the woman you want to be.


Your Journey

What you’ll discover on your own journey is that the things holding you back are not outside of you, they’re inside of you: your doubts, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs and so on. Let’s shift these, address inflammation and detoxification of the body, and elevate what’s on your plate so you can step forward into the life that’s waiting for you without the conditioned self-sabotaging of your past

Solving problems and helping women transform has become increasingly important to me. I see my own transformation and healing as a new beginning and a catalyst to bring you into a fresh, new place where you no longer feel disconnected from yourself and alone.

These episodes bring you to the realization that you are worthy of being healthy, happy, and free.

I’ll guide you there.


Here is one of our most popular audio segments about letting go from our March 2018 Playlist for you to listen to. Click the play button below to listen.