Kitchen Tools

These kitchen tools are my favorite items to use in my kitchen. You can use them while you’re cooking from my Instagram  videos as I refer to these items often. I’ve linked my favorite brands below in bold that I trust and use myself in my kitchen and for all of my recipe testing.

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Kitchen Storage

  • Large Ball Jars (use for preserving jams and storing dressings, dips and sauces)
  • Large Weck Jars (use for storing leftover food and dressings)
  • Small Weck Jars (use for storing nuts and seeds)
  • Brown Paper Bags (use for roasting bell peppers or to store snacks when traveling)
  • Glass Storage Containers (use to store your leftovers)
  • Parchment Paper Bags (use for packing lunches instead of plastic baggies)
  • Unbleached Parchment Paper (use for lining your baking sheet to roast veggies on) I highly suggest you do not use tin foil because aluminum will leach into your food and enter your body, accumulating in your liver. Aluminum is not easy to remove from the body. I know this from personal experience and it can wreak serious havoc on your mind and body, especially neurologically. You can read more about how to reduce your exposure to heavy metals and toxins in your food, home and personal care products in my best-selling book, Eating Clean.
  • Non-Toxic Thermos (use for storing homemade broth and soups that you can take with you to work)
  • Le Parfait Jars (use to store your leftovers)
  • Glass Bowl Set (great for serving and mixing ingredients)
  • Weck Juice Jars (use to store any juices or liquids)


Baking + Cooking


Other Kitchen Tools

  • 4-Inch Santoku Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Serrated Knife
  • Veggie Peeler (use for peeling veggies like carrots and zucchini into beautiful ribbon shapes that are lightweight and easy to digest)
  • Herb Chopper (an easy way to chop your herbs if you’re not handy with a sharp knife)
  • Lemon Juicer (use for making hot water with lemon or healthy lemonade, and to add fresh lemon juice to any of my recipes without having to worry about the seeds of the lemon)
  • Citrus Zester (use for adding fresh zest flavor to meals)
  • Linen Bread Bags (great for storing gluten-free whole grain bread)
  • Brown Paper (use for easy kitchen surface cooking)
  • Marble Mortar and Pestle (great for crushing and grinding ingredients into a fine paste or powder for an extra touch of freshness and flavor)
  • Bamboo Skewers (great for BBQ’s and grilling vegetables)
  • Corn Grilling Basket (ideal for grilling corn on the cob-be sure to always purchase organic corn because corn is high in GMO’s)


Kitchen Essentials

  • High-Speed Blender (use for smoothies or dressings)
  • Food Processor (use for soups, condiments and sauces) This is my favorite food processor because it’s easy to clean and store in a small kitchen. It’s quite possibly the best food processor I’ve ever used because it’s lightweight and it purees food so well.
  • Non-Toxic Teapot (use for making organic, herbal tea) Note: Make sure to air out your teapot after using so mildew does not form inside.
  • Berkey Water Filter (use to filter your water from chemicals, heavy metals, mold and other toxins in tap water including fluoride and pharma pills)
  • Stainless Steel Straws (use in place of plastic straws)
  • Slow Cooker (a great option for cooking easy meals with no fuss and little prep time)
  • Mini Food Processor (my favorite mini food processor that I use in all my cooking videos to make small batch recipes such as pesto and salad dressings or sauces)
  • Ice Cube Tray


Kitchen Towels + Aprons + Oven Mitts


Serving Options


Non-Toxic Nail Polish + Hand Salve for Chapped Cooking Hands