Since 2009, Amie has created a pure, beautiful space for people all over the world to come and embrace wellness.


Amie guides her clients down the path to achieving mind/body balance and wellness through clean eating and lifestyle techniques that she learned healing herself through 10 years of chronic illness. These services range from one-on-one individual sessions to scaling menus, recipes and food photography for food, beauty and lifestyle brands, hotels, resorts and spas. Every individual and company we work with reflects our integrative, clean living philosophy.

Amie would love to answer all of your questions by email but due to the number of emails we receive, she’s unable to answer personal questions via email. Please choose from the below options to schedule time with Amie. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Amie's Technique

Personal/Family Offerings

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Amie’s work is based off her 10 years of chronic illnesses and health issues and how she healed herself through food, healing modalities, mind/body practices and discovering hidden blocks in her life that were keeping her from healing completely. These sessions can be in person in Manhattan, by computer over Skype or by telephone. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy and there are no refunds if the patient cancels the appointment in less than 24 hours before their scheduled appointment.
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What it is: Amie went to over 500 doctors in 10 years and has extensive knowledge in detox, chelation, Lyme disease, PCOS, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, IBS, hormone imbalances, Leaky Gut, chronic fatigue, arthritis, bloating/gas, acne, insomnia, stress, heavy metal accumulation, mold toxicity, mercury filling removal process, energy medicine and more. She works with patients all over the world to navigate their health problems by steering them in the direction of the type of specialist they need to work with as well as recommending specific specialists that Amie personally knows. Amie will also suggest Functional/Integrative testing for your specific concerns/symptoms that previous tests you’ve done may have missed or may have resulted in false negatives (certain labs can be trusted while others cannot- sad but true). Think of Amie as your best friend, helping you navigate your journey to live the life you were meant to live.

How it feels: Calming, peaceful, relaxing and safe. This is your safe space to speak with Amie about your health and where you are hitting a wall. People come to Amie tired, depleted and drained not just from their health problems but from the exhaustion that comes with navigating the world of doctors, knowing who to trust and how to work with your doctors so that you can heal quickly with lasting results.

The benefits: Feeling alive again and a deeper understanding of how every doctor (even Functional and Integrative MD’s) all specialize in specific fields so it can be a waste of time and energy to work with specialists who don’t understand your needs. Amie will help you gain clarity and knowledge about how to navigate your path to wellness so you can leave the session feeling inspired and invigorated. It’s important that you must be ready to take your health into your own hands to win the battle with your body and overcome your health problems by making time for yourself and learning how to efficiently and effectively get results from your doctor. Our session concludes with a set of tools that you can take out into the world to create your clean, beautiful and healthy life.


During this session, Amie will navigate you through the difficulties you are facing in your life whether they’re trying to eat clean, cut out sugar, practice more self care and self love, understand your medical concerns, internal imbalances and emotions you may be facing, and more. Amie will help you find clarity around whatever is knocking you out of balance and will help you jump-start your way to living a better and healthier life. Amie will also address your health history and any unwanted symptoms you may be facing. She will be able to help you seek the treatments and lifestyle changes that you need based on your symptoms and overall health status. This session concludes with a set of tools that you can take out into the world to create your clean, beautiful and healthy life.


Amie works individually with her clients in their homes all over the country to create an individualized package for her personal chef offerings. Amie creates clean food that can be free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugar, eggs, yeast, peanuts, and more. She can also prepare vegetarian, vegan or paleo style meals depending on your specific needs. Please email for inquiries.


Amie will help you detox your pantry, fridge and freezer with clean, anti-inflammatory whole foods. Amie will come to your kitchen and help you toss the inflammatory foods and restock them with anti-inflammatory clean foods that nourish your body.

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Marketing and Branding Consulting/Recipe and Menu Development

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Amie works directly with brands on marketing and branding strategies based on her business education and work in the corporate world before she started The Healthy Apple when she was working at VOGUE Magazine, Ralph Lauren corporate and the N.B.A; she uses the skills she learned in these professions to accelerate brands to the next level. Moreover, in addition to branding and consulting, Amie creates recipes and menus for resorts, spas, restaurants, weddings and parties. She also consults on menu offerings and helps bring a ‘clean eating’ approach to these outlets. Amie focuses on fresh, whole, one-ingredient foods to create maximum flavor without using processed foods.

Food Photography/Styling

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Amie takes all the photography on herself and does her own food styling and photo editing. Amie’s portfolio showcases some of her photography that has appeared across the web in magazines, food brands websites, wellness websites and on food packaging.

Spokesperson/Media Interviews, Motivational Speaking and Speaking Engagements

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Amie speaks nationwide to large and small audiences ranging from corporate wellness to conferences, schools, organizations and more.

Amie is available for workshops and retreats. She hosts numerous retreats and workshops throughout the year at resorts such as the Four Seasons, Salamander Luxury Resort and Spa, Kripalu and many more.

Product Reviews, Sponsorships and Advertising

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Every product, sponsorship and advertisement is personally selected by Amie. Learn more