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Introducing the next level of your life where we dive deeper into my work and reveal a landscape of incredible freedom, sweet sensuality, and optimal energy.


Welcome to private sessions with Amie where we take an elevated approach to transcending challenges and transforming your life.

Every one of us is living in a land that has been mapped and marked by what has happened to us. This creates stress and disconnection in the body as well as a feeling of being stuck and in our own way, scratching our heads, wondering how we got ourselves into this place. These sessions are for the woman who feels like there’s something missing and knows there’s even more available to her.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

How I Can Help You

Through my 14-year chronic health journey and serving hundreds of private clients, I found that treating the physical body is only a component of healing. It was not until I dove into the emotional and energetic layers in my own journey that I found true healing and inner joy. 

I empower women to look within themselves and live in alignment with their full potential. I inspire them to find their personal autonomy through a more self-aware and self-realized way of living that is authentic to who they truly are. 

When we work together, I meet you where you are in your own healing journey, and I offer a safe place and loving guidance as you let go of limiting beliefs and explore new possibilities for bringing love, creativity, and freedom into your life. 

I Help Women Who

  • Know something’s not right
  • Experience anxiety, brain fog, burnout, and insomnia
  • Live an adrenaline-fueled lifestyle
  • Suffer from low self-worth and insecurity 
  • Feel stuck in resistance and fear
  • Self-sabotage themselves and unconsciously repeat negative patterns
  • Want more sensuality and freedom

Your Session

My private sessions are the next level beyond what you’ll find on this website and it’s important to note that physical health conditions are not addressed during these sessions. This is where we shift and reset your entire nervous system using modalities very few know about. These missing pieces I discovered throughout my journey have the power to put women back together again. 

This two-hour session is customized to bring you beyond the adrenalin-addicted overarching culture into a deep experience of transformation that completely elevates your life. 

In the first half of the session, we’ll unravel and dive into what is holding you back. I will provide you with incredible tools to shift neural pathways of your brain and release deep subconscious patterning that is keeping you from the lifestyle you crave. We’ll use rewiring exercises to release glass ceiling barriers that have shut you down and we’ll work through stuck places and blindspots allowing you to find powerful messages in events, problems, or setbacks. 

After we clear out all your mental blocks, you’ll be left with a blank slate as we dive into the second half of the session that focuses on using your newly found creative power to create the life you desire to embody. You’ll be brought back to a place of confidence, worth, bliss, and sensuality and you’ll leave with a clear mind and a strong sense of direction and purpose. 

We’ll end with a curated plan marked by understanding your personal energetic boundaries, personal power, and profound agency so you can continue to dive deeper into the next layer of yourself and finally start living the life you deserve. 

These Sessions Are Not For You If…

If you are experiencing physical symptoms or a health condition, you’ll want to start with my first book, Eating Clean, which was created specifically to get to the root cause of ailments for anyone dealing with health issues. I have two online programs encompass what I’ve learned throughout my health journey to help you alleviate and heal your symptoms with lifetime access online. 

Scheduling Your Session

UPDATE: Please note, at this time I am not taking new clients. 

Sessions are offered worldwide via phone, video calls or in-person in Manhattan, NYC. For more information and any questions about scheduling your private session, please click the BOOK NOW button below or email us at

Thank you; we look forward to hearing from you.

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