After coming out of 10 years of chronic health issues, seeing hundreds and hundreds of doctors, visiting Mayo Clinic, being on a cocktail of pharma drugs, working with Functional/Integrative M.D.’s, working with energy work and body work, I’ve learned ONE, yes one main thing.

how to learn how to trust your body again after health issues.

Your body knows best.

That probably sounds crazy to you.

If I was reading this article 10 years ago, I would have said, “Lady, you’re nuts.”


Actually, I would say, “Lady, you’re really, really nuts and losing your mind.” Then I’d click off this page and go to another doctor for THEIR opinion as to what they THINK is going on inside my body.

So, if you’re thinking I’m nuts, I get it. But hear me out before you click away.


Well, because I’ve been through the ringer with my health. I’ve had it all and I’ve done every modality known to man to try to heal my body. I’m not saying that I know everything, because I don’t. But, I do know a whole lot about how to heal the body and how the body works.

When you go through something this traumatic yourself, you really get to see first-hand what’s going on.

After hundreds of protocols, supplements, doctors, and healers, I’ve realized that you know your body better than anyone else. While doctors and practitioners helped me in SO many ways and saved my life, I truly believe from my personal experience (and working with hundreds of clients) that you have to be your own doctor (not to self-diagnose but to take charge of the situation) to know what to do, where to go and what practitioners to see. I cannot stress how important all of this is if you want to feel better.

Before I got sick, I just went to my GP- general MD once a year for a checkup and that was pretty much it. I also went to the dermatologist and the lady doctor but that was it. Fast forward and after seeing more doctors than I can even keep track of anymore, I’ve realized that learning to trust ourselves and our own bodies is what breaks us apart from ourselves in the first place.

When we stop giving our power away to our mind, we can finally get back into our body and start to FEEL what’s going on inside of us instead of trying to logically figure out what the issue is.

For 30 years I beat myself up with criticism and judgment and even though I had a lot of self-esteem, I never appreciated my body. I was always trying to get rid of my body and never felt comfortable in my body—ever since I was a kid. All of this came to me after meditating for many months and I started to realize what was actually going on in my mind. It was unbelievable.

Before taking the time to sit with myself, I had no way of witnessing my thoughts, which is what has been helping me heal. Looking at my blocks (the unconscious thoughts that hold us back from what we want in life) is what helps us move forward and breaks us through the barriers holding us back in our life. Now, I wish I could take back all the terrible things I’ve said about my body as well as how I didn’t trust myself. Sadly, I put my trust in everyone else and trusted them over me.

Isn’t it wild and pretty scary how we do that?

Somewhere along the line, we got the idea that when we’re not feeling well, we go to a doctor to tell us what’s wrong. And I get that. I do. I LOVE all of my doctors but in order for you to be successful with your doctor, you’ve got to take your health into your own hands and focus on what’s going on in your body and why it could be going on before you get to your doctor.

The doctor will have a lot of ideas and suggestions and guesses and he will eventually diagnose or let you know what’s going on but you can tap into your own intuition and ask yourself, “What do I think is really going on here?” instead of: “Hey Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” The issue here is that we always know what’s going on but we don’t know how to trust ourselves and we’re too busy with life that we don’t have time to spend really diving into ourselves to see what the issue is.

When you learn how to trust yourself and have more compassion for yourself, you get closer to yourself and you form a stronger relationship with yourself. You know yourself on a deeper level and you learn how to get quiet with yourself first and feel what’s really going on. Stress at work, fighting with your spouse, angry at your kids, not enough self-care and alone time, not enough downtime, too much work, too much gossip, working out too much, not eating healthy foods, not sleeping enough, using toxic personal care products and/or cleaning products, etc, etc. etc.

The list goes on and on and on.


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  1. recommendations of what pills are good to help with giving your body a full detox?

    1. There is no such pill. You cannot detox with a pill, Danny. I suggest you read my book, Eating Clean, and learn about how to do the 21-day detox. All the information is in there. Much love, xx

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