This year our team is making big shifts to step more into our purpose to give you the tools and the power to help you dive deeper into healing yourself and feeling your best. Our new column, Unraveling, focuses on a new topic each month that we believe is important to address when you’re trying to navigate all the different stages of growth in your life. The purpose of this column is to help you drop the identity of all the negative programming and conditioning you’ve taken on throughout your life that’s negatively (and often silently) impacting your health and wellbeing on the physical, emotional and energetic layers of your body.

Trauma and your health


Let’s talk about it.

Like many of you, I’ve been through my fair share of trauma (medical and other) in my life, which I never ever believed had an impact on my health or any other aspect of my life. I wasn’t brought up understanding the impact of the mind on the body and vice versa. Were you?

Probably not.

Because as incredible as our parents are, they weren’t taught this either.

The more I continue to heal myself from the decade of health issues I faced, I can’t help but wonder…

“Why did the mind need the body to get sick in order to get my attention?”

Now, let me start by saying that a few years ago, I would have looked at someone who asked me this like they had 10 heads but now I get it and I see it so clearly. I remember my dear friend Satya telling me how obvious it was to her to see how the emotional abuse I had been through in my childhood and the devastation of my college breakup completely triggered my health issues.

If you’ve read my feature, The Trigger that Pops Your Balloon, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do after you finish this article.

What I’ve realized throughout the last few years when I tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to heal myself was that I was only focused on the physical body and the root cause was not in the physical body. Now, I’m a highly intuitive person (as many people who experience childhood trauma are) and I knew talk therapy wouldn’t do much for me. It’s not that I’m stubborn; when it comes to healing, I’m one of the hardest working people I know. But something deep down inside of me knew that talking about what happened wouldn’t help me heal.

This is what catapulted me into understanding energy and emotions and diving into the world of healing the body on a level that I haven’t yet seen anyone quite put their finger on. Here’s the thing, most people out there who are helping people heal only know what they know from reading a book or going to school, which is amazing but, when the books no longer help, they’re lacking the experience of figuring it out for themselves and they’re lacking the understanding of what it’s like to go through something like this and they’re lacking the empathy to even understand what you’re talking about.

This is why my work has taken a beautiful new direction into helping women heal on a deeper level beyond food because I wish food was the answer.

It’s your first step. That’s for darn sure. But, will it fully heal something chronic going on that took decades to manifest? Probably not.

So, what is trauma and how does it impact our health on a physical level?

Well, that’s a very long answer that I’ll be continuing to address as time goes on.

Today is just a basic starting point for you to understand this connection between trauma and how it gets trapped in the body. Most people don’t talk about this because it’s not easy getting trauma out; it’s lodged in our mind and suppressed so far down inside of us. This new level of work that I created is designed to help you release that stored energy so that your body then has more energy to heal itself because just as your body heals the cuts on your finger when you cut your hand or heals your sprained ankle, it can heal your health issues…you just weren’t taught to believe in it and you weren’t taught how to do it.

For starters, trauma can be any situation that you’re experiencing that your nervous system finds too overwhelming to handle so it pushes the experience into your subconscious mind because you literally wouldn’t survive if it stayed in your conscious mind because you’re probably in shock and in the fight/flight/freeze mode of the nervous system.

That said, we’ll be diving more into trauma in the next few months and we’ll be touching on the different aspects of how it affects your physical health but for now I want to share a few things that are classified as trauma that we weren’t brought up to understand as “trauma”. If you’re anything like me, you think PTSD and trauma are only for people who go to war but sadly that is not true and is the reason so many of us feel so confused about our symptoms because doctors cannot seem to figure us out. As wonderful as doctors are and they’ve saved my life in many ways over the years, in my experience, they seemed to put me into a one-size-fits-all approach, which we all know does not work.

I was told I had PTSD about a dozen times in the last few years and I brushed it off like, “ya right!?!” Then, one day it hit me and I realized they were right… and that I couldn’t even feel what happened to me because it was pushed down so far and I was really living a numbed out lifestyle.

What Can Be Classified as Trauma?

  • Emotional Abuse (Yelling, Raising of the Voice, etc.)
  • Divorce
  • Breakup
  • Getting Your Toy Taken Away from You as a Child
  • Infidelity
  • Losing Your Job
  • Being Made Fun of as a Child through Emotional + Physical Abuse
  • Not Being Picked for the Soccer Team when You’re Young + Seeing the Others Make Fun of You
  • Being Yelled at By a Teacher Because You Can’t Read
  • Physical Abuse (Hitting, Slapping, Punching, etc.)

As you can see from the above, these are just the tip of the iceberg of defining trauma and I hope this helps you to understand how we’ve ALL been through some degree of trauma in our lives. What I want to help you understand is how examples such as the above can manifest as physical symptoms in the body in the future.

My upcoming Whole Body Transformation Retreat in Santa Cruz, California in August is a great place for you to start to dive into understanding these deeper layers of healing and to understand for yourself first-hand that healing is a journey. This retreat is my lowest price point yet, which is a great opportunity for anyone looking to meet me in person and understand the missing pieces keeping you unwell.

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