Curiosity and how it me heal my body.

I’m a curious person.

Always have been.

Always will be.

Questions are where everything begins for me. I believe life is a journey of asking questions. That’s how I learn.

I have quite an inquisitive mind and my curiosity is what keeps me inspired. My active desire to learn, discover new things, understand them, take them apart and dive deeper into them makes me feel alive.

I’m inquisitive, always wondering, always ready to poke around and figure something out. Always. It’s my nature.

I’ve been curious since I was a child but after throwing myself into a decade of research to heal my body, asking hundreds of questions and seeing hundreds of doctors, healers and energy workers, it dawned on me that my curiosity is what really helped me heal. It empowered me to seek new answers and understand the deeper underlying issues of the body without putting a ‘Band-Aid’ over symptoms. It allowed me to consider different perspectives than what I had been taught to believe. It allowed me to question what’s commonly accepted. It allowed me to open myself up to new experiences.  And it allowed me to tap into my fearlessness.

This curiosity is what guided me through the last decade of my life and never let me give up.

When people ask me how I healed, I honestly tell them that it was my curiosity that led me to everything I needed to know. They often look perplexed because they don’t understand how being curious could help with anything related to your health. There seems to be a disconnect between going to a Western doctor and doing everything he says, taking a pill to Band-aid your symptoms vs. not asking, “Why?” or listening to your intuition/inner knowing that’s telling you this doesn’t feel right. I’ve talked a lot about intuition over the last few years because it’s one of the greatest gifts we have that many of us do not use. It’s something that was completely shut down inside of me after being taught in my childhood, grade school and in my corporate jobs not to trust myself, to follow the conventional way and to not challenge the authority. As I mention in the above intuition links, intuition is something that is completely shut down in most of us. We don’t even realize that we have intuition until we start to become conscious of how it feels inside of us. That’s when we become aware of the silent messages it brings us throughout the day. Following my intuition was my first step down the ‘road less traveled’ when I turned away from conventional medicine and started looking for unconventional ways to heal myself because I was simply curious. I cannot define what it felt like other than a strong inner knowing that there was more to discover and uncover and no matter how sick I was.

There was this WILD BLAZING FIRE was burning inside of me to keep going and not give up.

It’s like I had a pep rally of cheerleaders in my mind pom-poming their way to keep me searching for the answers. I was curious. I wanted to know more. I also felt too sick to do anything and so the only way to get my life back, when doctors didn’t know what to do with me, was to figure it all out for myself. I didn’t believe what the Western doctors were telling me that I had to be on steroids and antibiotics for the rest of my life to take my pain away. Something inside of me knew that wasn’t the right way. Now, you might be saying, “Weren’t you scared, Amie?” Not really. To be honest, I had this inner knowing that kept growing and growing the more I started to listen to myself and meditate and get quiet with myself and tune out all the noise outside of me telling me what to do. Now, don’t get me wrong, there was a time before my intuition became obvious to me where I needed to be on morphine and steroids to save my life when I was about to die but after that I saw what those pills did to my body (my hormones, adrenals, thyroid, my gut and more), I knew there had to be a better way. I just knew it.

That was enough to keep me going and to keep me CURIOUS and searching.

I shared a photo of my stack of books last month on instagram when I was moving and received numerous comments and emails from all of you about which books I loved (and I’ll be sharing them soon in my Must Read section). What I mentioned in that Instagram feature struck a cord with many of you…

“After a decade of spending more time in my bed than I did with my two feet on the ground, books became my best friend and gave me the comfort and love that I needed when I didn’t think I was going to make it another day. First, I read all medical books and I learned a ton but I felt like I was going in circles and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I had no one guiding me but I had to start somewhere to try to make sense of all I was going through. I started going deeper; reading a lot. I learned about the connection between the mind/body and dove into books on energy work, quantum physics, trauma, the unconscious mind and more; my whole world shifted. That’s when I realized the cause of all my health issues wasn’t in my blood work. Like many of my clients and many of you who don’t get the answers you need from lab results, I get it. All of my lab results helped me tremendously but no one ever showed me how to look deeper beyond lab results at what really drives the body to breakdown. This, as many of you know, has made such a profound impact on me and my work moving forward. Food is only a sliver of healing. I wish I knew that years ago. There’s so much more to take into consideration. I’ve figured out how to go deeper and allow the body to reset so that it has energy to heal itself. It can be done. As cliche as it sounds, it’s real. I’m in perfect health, not on any pills and feeling better than ever.
These books have helped guide me back home to who I am as a woman owning my own inner power, living without fear and constant negative thinking patterns, judgements of myself and others, and knee jerk reactions to everything happening outside of me. I’ve shifted to truly feel at peace for the first time in 34 years. I tell you this not to preach; that’s not my style. You’re on your own journey; you will figure it all out and feel brand new just like me. The goal is to let yourself be guided instead of trying to figure it all out…to start somewhere and watch how that place leads you to your next step.”

Books were such a huge part of my path. As I mention above, I dove into more books on the mind/body connection in the last few years because medical books no longer helped me. I was eating perfectly, popping the ‘right’ healthy things into my mouth, eating super foods and my health wasn’t improving.

That’s when my CURIOUSITY peaked and I decided to go deeper. Much deeper.

This path that I chose to take, while listening to my intuition, was the exact path I needed to learn how to fully and completely heal myself and bring myself back to perfect health. It was also the path I needed to take to pull myself out of a decade of rock bottom years. The beautiful part of this is that this work has inspired me to write my next book so that you can pull yourself out of the mess you think you’re in focusing only on the physical body. This deeper path isn’t something that doctors knew about; they focus on the physical, which was wonderful when I needed it, but after awhile what they were doing no longer helped me and I didn’t want to be on thyroid medicine and a ton of supplements everyday for the rest of my life. My curiosity guided me to where I am today. And that’s the message I want to convey to you. Curiosity feels vibrant, alive and vital. Isn’t that something you want to start to feel in your life again?

“What makes me fully alive is anything. Really just being alive is enough.” -Robert Thurman

I love this quote by Robert Thurman, who I truly admire and respect. His work, if you’re not familiar with it, will change your life and help you shift into feeling more grounded and alive. I resonate with this quote because for me, anything and everything makes me feel alive. Curiosity is just the cherry on top that makes life feel even more alive. Being alive IS enough and adding curiosity to ‘anything’ makes your life feel so much more rich and full.

Face your life with confidence and curiosity and I assure you, your life will transform. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Get quiet with yourself. Get curious. Listen. You will start to know what to do. Let your curiosity guide you and allow your fear to gently fall away.

I’m here for you, as always.

Sending you all so much love.


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  1. It is so great that you have shared your journey with so many people. You have been so candid and open about your medical nightmare and you have changed your life around and by sharing all this, you are educating many. I told my sister-in-law to get tested for the MTHFR gene, which I never even heard of before you, and turns out she has it. So, indirectly, you have just helped her tremendously, because she is now more knowledgeable about possible issues of that mutation. My coworker has embraced your cookbook with such reverence, because it has really helped improve her life. I have also been influenced by you enough to start making better more healthy decisions about what I put into my body as well as what products I use. I am glad that you are always thinking outside the box. Keep pioneering and blazing the way for others. We all appreciate your dedication!

  2. Thank you for this post. At times my curiosity makes me feel like “am I crazy?” just reassured me that I am not. The information you share is sooo appreciated. Looking forward to your next book. To add to my huge collection 🙂

  3. Yayyyy! So excited for your new book in the making! These posts of yours are my absolute favorite. Thanks for sharing your journey, and for doing it so beautifully. I 100% agree with you food is just a small piece of the puzzle.

    1. Thank you Mindy! I’m excited, as well. So happy that you’re enjoying these features. Food is just the first step; diving deeper is where the real beauty of life starts. Trust me. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and thank you again. xx

    1. Jessica,
      It’s my pleasure. I’m happy to hear that this resonates with you. Grateful you are in my life. Happy almost Thanksgiving. Big hugs.

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