The Valpone Method™

Coming Soon in 2021


The Valpone Method is a culmination of everything Amie learned throughout her 12-year chronic health journey and encompasses three powerful levels she created and developed to put her mind and body back together again: the physical, emotional and energetic layers of the body.

The programs throughout this method address anti-inflammatory clean eating, inflammation, epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, The Movement™, creation and manifestation using the subconscious mind as well as rewiring the nervous system from trauma, embracing self-directed healing through alternative medicine and energy medicine, and much more.

Each layer of this method takes you step-by-step through the journey Amie experienced starting with the physical layer by treating her physical symptoms seeing over 500 doctors including Mayo Clinic to then needing to dive deeper because solely treating the physical body was not enough to heal. From there she discovered the emotional layer of the body consisting of deep subconscious emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, unresolved trauma, suppressed emotional pain and more. And finally, Amie made her way into the energetic layer that consists of recreating yourself, tapping into and understanding your receiving + allowing energetics, intuition, stepping into your power and learning how to work with your own energy to create the life you deserve. 

The end result of this method is embodying a deep sense of who you are (your true identity), trusting yourself, experiencing expanded self-worth and the ability to realize how powerful you are when all three of these layers of your body are working together harmoniously. This allows us to start living a fully embodied life of self-expression in a state of flow and synchronicity, healing our mind and body from past ailments and tapping into our own creative energy to manifest the life we deserve as we come into alignment with who we truly are. This is how we heal and take our power back. And now it’s time for you to experience all of this for yourself.


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