Body Burden from Toxins

We are burdened by so many toxic chemicals each and every day;  far more than our bodies were designed to handle. When your body’s detox system is unable to remove the amount of toxic chemicals we’re exposed to, which we all are, then the toxins that come into our body through food, air and our environment will be stored in our tissues, fat, brain, liver and other organs- they will not be excreted.

The word Body Burden is the total amount of these toxic chemicals that are being stored in your body at a given point in time. When I was 25 years old, my body burden was so bad that my legs were swelling with 40 lbs of water weight everyday, I was put on steroids, pain killers and water pills from Western medicine to put a ‘band aid’ on my symptoms without addressing WHY this was happening to me. I honestly thought the word DETOX was something you read about in a fashion magazine-eating a salad and DETOXING. Boy was I wrong- and it’s sad that the media portrays DETOX in this way, when it’s actually beneficial to DETOX (remove) these toxic chemicals from our bodies and help our organs push them out since they’re too overloaded to do it themselves- and then we end up sick with chronic illness or arthritis or stomach aches or acne….the list goes on! Here is information about my Heavy Metal Detox.

Various chemicals move through our bodies at different rates; here is information about what Toxins are Lurking In Your Day. Some pesticides (from food we eat everyday- which is why I eat ORGANIC) can stay in our bodies for 50 years and arsenic, which has been found in rice and conventional (non-organic) chicken is mostly released within 72 hours of exposure to this toxin. Here is a list of The Dirty Dozen, the dirtiest and highest sprayed pesticides on produce.

When we are constantly bombarded to toxic chemicals, as most of us are every single day- more toxic chemicals enter the body than can be removed by our detoxification system and the result is Body Burden.  Research shows that today we are all contaminated with at least 700 toxic chemicals in our bodies; it doesn’t matter where you live – we’re all contaminated. But there are things you CAN do to help your body rid these toxins and help yourself heal. Here are Symptoms That Show Your Body Is Toxic.

EPA biopsies of human fat have shown that we all have PCB’s in our bodies from dyes, inks, paints, pesticides, plastics, copy paper, adhesives and many other products. Our most significant exposure to PCB’s is in fish. Even though PCB’s are no longer used, they are still very prevalent in our environment. They have also found we have styrene in our bodies from takeout food containers and Styrofoam cups. Air fresheners, mothballs and toilet deoderizers have collected dichlorobenzene in our bodies while xylene has accumulated in our bodies from breathing gasoline, paint varnish, rust preservatives, permanent markets, cigarette smoke and shellac. Dioxins also exist in our bodies from our food; mostly meat and dairy products along with beef, fish, pork, poultry and eggs. Dioxins are fat soluble so they climb up the food chain in our food. All of these chemicals and much, much more have been known to cause cancer and many other chronic (unexplained illnesses) in people. Unless you take the step to help your body remove them, your body burden will continue to increase.

The fact that our bodies stores these toxic chemicals keeps them from circulating throughout our body in our bloodstream and creating toxic effect, which is a good thing, however when our bodies HOLD ON TO these toxins- that is when the body burden starts and we become sick.

I have many techniques that I’ve used to DETOX heavy metals and other toxins from my body but I suggest working with an Integrative M.D. on your protocol. I worked with numerous Integrative M.D.’s who all helped me heal and regain my health. It was a LONG, LONG process but it was surely worth it because I now feel amazing! Here is a helpful link to find an Integrative M.D. in your area.

I created to help people like you remove the overload of harmful toxic chemicals in our daily lives- from our bodies and to help people gain the awareness and education about what is making them sick when Western medicine doctors say there is nothing wrong-or that what they are experiencing is ‘unexplainable’. It’s not unexplainable- and I’m living proof!

It is essential to work with an Integrative M.D. for DETOX because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes. I worked with Dr. Jeffrey Morrison in NYC and Dr. Richard Horrowitz in Hyde Park, NY who are both incredible doctors that I truly admire.

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