Wondering how you ended up where you are and why you feel powerless? I was there once, too, until I realized I had given away all of myself to everyone and every authority outside of myself. It wasn’t until I learned how to take back my own power and teach my clients and you, How to Take Back Your Power, that things started to shift and the true healing of my body started to take place.


It’s something we think belongs to things outside of us.

A powerful business man.

A powerful high-speed blender.

A powerful campaign that moved me to tears.

A powerful president.

A powerful doctor who everyone listened to.

But we don’t think about power as something internal inside of ourselves.

And that, my friends, is one of the keys to a healthy life.

It’s time to take back your power from all those years of giving it away to everyone else is one of the biggest shifts you’ll have in your life.

I’m living proof.

Let me show you how to take back your power.

For the first 7 years of my healing journey I listened to everything every single doctor told me. Until one day my doctor overdosed me on progesterone cream and my entire life fell apart. I gained 70 pounds, my entire endocrine system shut down and I was in a “menopause x 100” phase for 2 years of my life. Pure hell? Yes. You could say that. It was so traumatic. I don’t even know how I got through it. But, I learned how to look at the bright side of things and realize that without this huge setback, I wouldn’t have realized how I kept giving my power away to EVERYONE in my life, including my doctors.

“Increase the progesterone, Amie”, he kept saying.

My intuition knew something wasn’t right. But who was I to question the authority? My doctor knew best and I listened to him over what my body was telling me. And that, my friends, is what got me into BIG time trouble with my body and how I fell smack on my face and spent almost 3 years of my life trying to get my body functioning normal again.

The body is a miraculous and beautiful thing.

Watching my body come back from that awful situation was so emotional because I actually could see my liver working so hard to release the hormones and my entire body try to heal day by day. It was a beautiful thing. And I kept looking at the beauty of my healing instead of the 70 pounds of purpleish-blueish-redish fluid that was lodged in my body under my skin. Pretty sexy, huh? Yeaaahhhhhh. It was gross to look at but I had to start to trust and have faith that my body could heal itself and from that moment on, I learned how to take back MY power and haven’t been to a doctor since. Since that situation I’ve only been working with energy healers and body workers to relax my nervous system and help get my hormones back in check. It’s been miraculous and beautiful but also has required a ton of patience and I ain’t got any of that. Or so I thought. I learned how to cultivate patience and trust and had a knowing that everything would work out.

So, as I sit here today writing this to you….I’m not telling you to stop going to doctors. I’m telling you that you need to listen to your gut, aka your intuition, and do what feels right. So many of us are so far removed from our intuition and what’s best for us that we don’t even realize that we’re giving away our power to everyone from our doctors to our family and friends. Stand up for yourself and take a stand for your health because it’s YOU and only YOU in that body suit of yours. And let me tell you, after this traumatic situation- ain’t NOBODY gonna tell me what to put in or on my body unless it feels good to me and feels safe and like the right thing to do.

I spent way too many years doing what every authority told me to do in order to heal and many times, I had setbacks. Doctors are amazing but they are also human and you know your body best. When you’re working with your Functional/Integrative MD, make sure you work with them in a way that feels comfortable to you so that you can utilize that beautiful gift called intuition that you have inside of you. It’s not there for nothing, folks. Use it. And trust that you know your body best.

If you really want to know how to take back your power, get quiet.

Take time for yourself and learn how to feel your own power inside of you. It’s not easy to do at first and your mind will be screaming at you to go and do something but trust yourself and calm yourself down and you will start to feel the power inside of you. It’s real.

Once you get to that place, life becomes magical because you then have power over everything and nothing can knock you down because it’s YOU who’s in charge- not someone else.

Lots of love,


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  1. Amie! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I resonate so strongly with it. After a doctor prescribed me 7 months of antibiotics to treat my Lyme Disease, I had candida overgrowth and severe dysbiosis. A functional medicine doctor diagnosed me with parasites yet to be treated, like Giardia, Blastocystis hominis, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, low ferritin stores, and lost my menstrual cycle for three years. It came back recently for three months, but has been absent for the past month. Do you have any suggestions for a program to heal the gut and hormones? I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done to rule out inflammatory bowel disease, but I am bloated ALL of the time, even when fasting. My endocrinologist and gynocologists say I am not in menopause, as my ovaries are functioning, but my estrogen often tests low. I am chronically fatigued.

    1. Thank you Laura; so lovely to hear from you. Yes the How to Heal Your Gut Program is great. That will help you a TON! I can also work with you as a client as you do that program. Lots of love! xx

  2. Hi Amie I bought your book eating clean about a month ago and have not put it down I love love love it.I’m totally excited to try all the recipes i just made the (perfect parsley sunflower crackers) very yummy and the chic pea burger awesome. Just a little note to say thank you and I wish you well,many Blessings Namaste