(p.s. More information about detox is in my new book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body).

Before you read about my Heavy Metal Detox, please take a look at my How To Detox information on what exactly Detox means and why it was necessary for my body and health. For years, I was not absorbing any nutrients in anything I was eating. I ate a perfect diet but I didn’t absorb a single thing and nothing was moving in my body- which means toxins were reabsorbed in my gut (More information on Leaky Gut here). If toxins are being reabsorbed, then we are not flushing out our toxins and hormones, especially estrogen (you won’t be able to clear out/ flush out excess hormones – estrogen is known to build up which will reduce the thyroid hormone and lead to Hypothyroidism) in our gut. Then, we re-absorb all of these unhealthy particles. Healthy gut flora (good balance of ‘good bacteria’ over ‘bad bacteria’) is important for heavy metal detox and for a healthy thyroid. Why is flora so important? Because we have 4 pounds of gut flora in our bodies. 20% of our active hormones are in our gut, so an antibiotic that you may have been put on at one point in your life can inhibit your thyroid, the function of it, the lining of it, etc., which doesn’t allow us to eliminate properly – causing toxicity in our bodies. It was important for me to restore my gut and learn how the thyroid, gut and heavy metals all tie in together. More information on how heavy metals are making you sick here.

Also, over the course of 10 years conventional doctors tested the heavy metals in my blood and never found a problem – UNTIL I started working with an Integrative M.D. who tests the tissues in the body and the heavy metals inside your tissues. (Information on integrative medicine testing here.) This is how I eventually healed my body and how I figured out what was wrong with me. An Integrative M.D. will perform a 24-hour urine test on a random day from you and then do the same urine test provoked with chelating agents. Integrative M.D.s also perform more intensive alternative testing on your blood and look for specific metals based on your symptoms, unlike conventional medicine. Your Integrative M.D. will know the protocol to take and the tests to run. I followed a chelation schedule and detox from Dr. Jeffrey Morrison of The Morrison Center in NYC.

What I Ate and What I Had To Avoid for My Heavy Metal Detox

  • I went through two years of IV Chelation to help draw the heavy metals out of my body.
  • I eat fresh organic cilantro, which helps remove the metals. (Information on Why to Choose Organic.)
  • I took powdered Citrus Pectin every day for two years.
  • I avoid eating anything out of a can (this includes tomato sauce, vegetables, fruits, etc. – anything that came from a can).
  • I avoid high-mercury fish such as tuna and swordfish as well as most seafood.
  • I use liquid chlorophyll every day mixed into my hot tea and water with fresh organic lemon.
  • I had my mercury fillings removed through a special Integrative Medical Dentist so that the mercury was not drawn to my brain or organs.
  • I use a water filter that removes toxic chemicals and heavy metals from my tap water.
  • I use infrared saunas as much as possible to sweat out the toxins. Relax in an infrared sauna or steam bath to cleanse your system.
  • I go to acupuncture as much as possible to help my liver remove toxins.
  • I detoxed my face and body lotions, eye makeup remover products, hairspray, makeup, self-tanners, etc. and threw away any that contained parabens. Now I only use Barlean’s Organic Coconut Oil to remove my makeup. You can read more about parabens and toxic chemicals in beauty products on my Beauty Detox Page.
  • I detoxed my toothpaste. Now I use Organic Baking Soda or Coconut Oil.
  • I drink lots of fresh organic green juice daily.
  • I eat lots of fresh organic vegetables and healthy fats.
  • I avoid all processed foods, not only those that are high in salt, sugar and preservatives and follow a Low FodMap Diet.
  • I replaced simple sugars and carbohydrates with whole grains, complex carbohydrates and fruit. Check out my How To Detox Your Pantry Page and my Anti-Inflammatory Grocery Guide for more information. (More information on How to Go Sugar-Free and How to Cook Whole Grains.)
  • I identified food allergies through The Elimination Diet and avoid eating those foods that cause inflammation in my body. (More information on Inflammation.)
  • I drink 6 to 8 glasses of filtered or purified water daily.
  • I used a dry brush to get my lymphatic system working on my legs after I showered.
  • I detoxed my cleaning supplies to use only organic, non-toxic products. Chemicals in most commercial cleaning products can act as hormone disruptors, which may interfere with the body’s natural chemical messages, either by blocking or mimicking the actions of hormones. I use natural items like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide that clean and disinfect without noxious chemicals. You can read more on my Natural Household Cleaning Detox Page.
  • I threw out all plastic containers and water bottles made from BPA plastic. BPA found in many plastic containers is considered to be an endocrine disruptor or xenoestrogen, a class of compounds that can suppress male hormones and mimic female hormones by binding with estrogen receptors. I opt for stainless steel and glass containers and use glassware instead of plastic. Check out my How To Detox Page for more information.
  • I threw out all of my pots and pans that were toxic. Teflon-coated nonstick pans can release chemical toxins into the air when the pans are well heated, contributing to indoor air pollution. Specks of coating in scratched pans can flake into your food. I use Pyrex and cast iron cookware instead.

These are just a few things that I had to do under supervision of my Medical Doctor, ask your Integrative M.D. about these ideas before you start anything.  Here are a few Integrative Medicine Tests that I asked my Integrative M.D.s to check me for – these tests were crucial in finding out what was causing my pain.

I am not a doctor; my protocol was handled by Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, M.D. of The Morrison Center. This information is not intended to cure or diagnose anyone. This is simply the protocol that I followed for my heavy metal detox. Please consult your medical doctor for treatment. It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing. I have been researching what fruit pectin is best- can you share which brand you used for heavy metals? I am sure it is the root cause of my chronic illness and mcs.
    Thanks wendi

  2. The plants used to make liquid chlorophyll could provide potential exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and other environmental toxins from the water or soil. If you are consuming a lot of tea or herbal tea, this could also expose your body to more heavy metals. If you are drinking green juice, again this could raise metal toxicity even further.