This one is a biggie. Lupus involves more tissues in the body than other autoimmune diseases because it’s a condition in which the body creates antibodies against the DNA of the cells. Yes, the DNA. You can end up with the disease throughout your entire body and experience joint and muscle pain, as well as fever. The symptoms come and go because the disease undergoes cycles of remission and activity. Lupus affects more women than men, especially those in their 20s and 30s — causing researchers to wonder if estrogen has a role in triggering or causing this disease.


  • Fatigue
  • Fever when disease is active
  • Color changes on fingers and feet when temperature changes
  • Hair loss
  • Butterfly rash on cheeks or nose after exposure to sun
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Oral or nasal ulcers that aren’t painful

Request these tests from your integrative M.D.

  • Blood tests for progesterone, DHEA and testosterone
  • Anti-smith SM antibodies
  • Anti-phospholipid antibodies
  • Anti-nuclear antibodies
  • Antibodies to double-stranded DNA
  • Hormone testing, such as estrogen metabolism
  • Adrenal saliva test to check cortisol

The ANA test is the first screening test for lupus. Don’t worry: A positive test doesn’t mean you have lupus unless one of these other three tests is positive, too.

Many environmental factors are associated with Lupus, including:

  • Exposure to pesticides, mercury, silica dust and aromatic amines found in hair dyes
  • High estrogen levels
  • High infection rate with bacteria and viruses
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • High fat, low antioxidant diet
  • Cigarette smoking

It’s also important to check for active Epstein-Barr virus activity, estrogen and DHEA.


  • Eat organic to avoid toxic pesticides
  • Clean up your diet and environment from xenoestrogens
  • Heal your gut because bad bacteria can increase the recirculation of toxic estrogens
  • Support your liver enzymes by eating both dark leafy greens and cruciferous veggies daily
  • Eat organic non-GMO ground flax seeds and fish oil to help you detox estrogen better
  • Increase your fiber intake, which also helps you detox estrogen better
  • Ask your integrative M.D. about supplements to help detox estrogens

It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes.


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