Insomnia Cures

Sleep is vital to detox. Yes, to support your body during detox you must get quality sleep. How many of you can’t sleep at night? I’m sure there are a bunch of you. Am I right? During the hours we sleep, our body is actually detoxing. So, therefore if you can’t sleep or have trouble sleeping or insomnia, well your body is going to have trouble detoxing.

Our bodies need sleep to restore everything, every single night; without a good night’s sleep, the body cannot function properly. You probably don’t realize it but our detox systems rely on sleep restoration every night. We’ve all had nights where we toss and turn and can’t sleep and how crummy do you feel the next day? Pretty awful, right? But, when you get a great night’s sleep, you’re ready to pop out of bed and jump up and down with energy. We all need to support our body in its detoxification process so it’s vital that we know how to get a good night’s sleep every night.

Here are a few tips ways to help you cure those insomnia blues and get a good night’s rest. Stop counting sheep and try these tips tonight!

  • Stretch: My Integrative M.D.’s all suggested I start stretching because it can help loosen up your body and help your body’s lymph system to kick into gear and help with toxic removal during detox.
  • Meditate: Trust me. Close your eyes, release your thoughts and give yourself 20 minutes of silence every day. It will help!
  • Ask Your Doctor about Magnesium: My grandma, Isabel got me hooked on Magnesium. And she was a smart cookie because this vital nutrient has helped SO many people improve their sleep-I honestly believe it’s the miracle nutrient. Magnesium to assist our body use calcium. It can help with many issues and has honestly cured my muscle pain, headaches and improved my sleep. My suggestion is to start slow and take a small dosage after talking to your doctor about it because excess magnesium will make you go to the bathroom pronto so it’s important to go slow. I like Natural Calm; it tastes great and all my clients and family use it. It’s a great way to get your Magnesium in each day without having to swallow pills- Natural Calm is just a powder you add to water!
  • Drink Purified Water: We should all be drinking more water-at least 8 glasses a day and more in the winter and summer. Dehydration can make it very hard to fall asleep.
  • Exercise: No need to go to the gym and run 10 miles a day- that’s just silly and exhausting your body while creating lactic acid and making your body more acidic-which doesn’t support detox. Try walking and light yoga just to get your body moving.
  • Wear a Sleep Mask: My sleep has improved dramatically since I’ve been using a sleep mask to block out the light in my room.
  • Change Your Sheets: I use organic sheets-after I learned that polyester-cotton sheets are made with a finish that emits formaldehyde, I was freaked out and guess what? Formaldehyde causes insomnia. So, get those cotton sheets on your bed and get cozy!
  • Try Black Out Curtains: Use these to block the light in your room so you can sleep in darkness.
  • White Noise Machine: These are genius! I use these when I travel in hotels and I can’t sleep because of all the noise outside my door.

Sweet Dreams.


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  1. Anyone had an issue with insomnia from applying topical magnesium? I have restless leg syndrome and tried a topical spray on my lower back and hips. I had insomnia 20 minutes later. That was Dec 29, 2017. It’s January 11th and I still have insomnia.I stopped all of my CAL-MAG because I don’t want to take too much. Doctors are of no help…already tried that route! Thank you!

    1. That’s because if your adrenals are fried, magnesium will make you feel awful and keep you up at night and rev you up. Focus on your adrenals Donna! xx