I am thrilled to announce the most amazing new exotic tea flavors by Dilmah tea’s, which the company sent me to sample.  A few months ago, I reviewed Dilmah Tea’s, which you can view here.  And, now I’m so excited to tell you about their new flavors! I’ve honestly been having a few cups of tea everyday since I received these samples.  The teas are perfect hot or cold and I’ve even opted to use them in my cooking recipes, as well for an exciting spin on flavor.

The soft, sweet, fleshy texture of ripe Mango in a teacup.  The combination produces a fruity brew with a sweet finish.  The texture, offers a balanced and juicy character.

Dilmah’s 100% Pure Ceylon tea’s are now available in the following flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Peach
  • Caramel
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Chamomile (Caffeine Free)

Aromatic and refreshing, a tea from the Udapusselawa region of Sri Lanka, with medium body. Delicately scented with Lemon flavor, this tea produces a delightfully lively tea. Can be enjoyed hot or iced.

The aroma of these tea’s is incredible and tastes amazing.  I have been sipping on each of these Ceylon flavored teas every morning this week and I simply can’t get enough of them…They have a perfect hint of natural sweetness that is not too strong, yet not to faint…just the perfect touch, which is a great way to start off your morning….

Known for its gentle taste, Peach is second only to Lemon in its popularity as an iced tea. This elegant fruit flavor is delightful taken cold, but also wonderfully relaxing as a hot beverage after a meal or in the afternoon.

Since I cannot drink caffeinated coffee, I drink 2 cups of Dilmah’s Green Tea’s every morning with my breakfast, however, since these samples arrived, I haven’t touched my green’s (I’m sure they’re missin’ me) but I’ve found a new love…the Ceylon Flavored Teas by Dilmah….

Black tea flavored with natural vanilla. Tea from plantations in the Udapussellawa region of Ceylon – light, but with good color, and medium strength to complement the flavor of Vanilla well.

Dilmah, I’m speechless…Thank you for helping me wake up in the morning…these teas are truly going to become a part of my pantry staples.

High grown Ceylon black tea complemented by the aroma of Caramel and English toffee. Caramel with its thick, malt flavor combines with the taste of traditional English Toffee to precede the taste of a light, high grown Ceylon tea. Strong toffee note with a gently sweet finish. Ideal taken hot or iced.

So, forget Folger’s…

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of Dilmah’s new exotic teas….

Mild, gentle and fragrantly delicious tea fused with the flavors of sweet Strawberry. Refreshing and floral with a long bouquet that offers fruitiness some astringency and a slightly tart, sweetness.  An afternoon tea.

Thank you, Dilmah for waking me up to these deliciously exotic flavors!

Leaf color and infused leaf are similar – daisy color of small whole flowers, yellow-green and bright yellow splashes. This is a light bodied and silky infusion of pale straw yellow color with lemon accents (color). Aromas span the floral to the spicy. Tropical fruit is a major aroma with ripe pineapple dominating. The aftertaste is slightly sweet and reminiscent of green apples and red apple skin. A hint of berry evoking the temperate climate countryside makes for this classy but relaxing, detoxifying and palatable infusion.

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  1. I taste it today morning. It was a unique taste in my life.
    A tea as keep its taste but a light scent of its own was the difference. I take Vanilla and Bluebery Tea. I fell in love with Dilmah and now in quest of new flavors like chocolate, coconut, caramel etc.