I recently had the amazing opportunity to receive my very own personal tour of the Food Network here in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market.  I can pretty much sum up the tour in One Word: INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, I didn’t want to leave…I was having so much fun viewing all of the rooms, kitchens, studios, closets (yes, the closets were unreal…filled with everything from unique foods to spices to plates, bowls and gadgets—Ha, I thought working in the fashion closets at Ralph Lauren and Vogue were amazing back in the day when I was at those jobs, but now…move over fashion—Food….here I come)…

The above picture is the ‘Lounge’ area, which is filled with plush couches, exposed brick and a television for the Food Network staff to enjoy and relax in between working, hehe!

Look at all of these video tapes!  Talk about a ‘movie night’…the video libraries have everything from Rachel Ray to Emeril…

This room was unreal; I was able to watch editing of a few Food Network commercials and was able to watch the ‘voice-overs’ and recording studios!

Yes, this was the best part of the entire tour…the KITCHEN….O my goodness, let’s just say I didn’t wanna leave…my tour guide had to drag me out of there…it was amazing…every kind of food, appliance, gadget, utensil, etc. you can imagine…all in one room!

This is a picture from up above that I took walking on the ‘walkway’ in air…you can see all of the camera lights and the huge studio room below as this is where all the sets are displayed and where all of the filming takes place for the shows such as Iron Chef.

Look at this cart…the most adorable kitchen gadgets…I was so tempted to snag a lil momento, hehe…but I didn’t…

Beyond these doors they were filming…We had to tip-toe and whisper…

And here I am, at the end of my tour next to the big Food Network sign.

Hope you enjoyed my tour as much as I did!

Tonight I’m attending the Taste of The Nation Event thanks to POM Wonderful…I’ll be sure to recap with tons of pictures of my delicious eats.

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  1. What an incredible opportunity girl!! That is so amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to contain myself haha