The best brunch restaurants in NYC.Brunch is a big deal in Manhattan – the number of restaurants serving healthy midday options can be overwhelming for many people, which is why I’m sharing my favorite ‘Clean Eating’ brunch spots with you. Sometimes, it is hard to tell which places are worth checking out, and you may end up playing it safe by going back to your go-to spot over and over again. If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘Clean Eating’, it’s describing healthy, fresh, organic, farm-to table and wholesome food. That’s what these places are all about. They’re not all 100% organic, but they sure do serve up an amazing array of fresh foods without the inflammatory ingredients.

You’ll find options that appease your classic brunch desires – healthy options of oatmeal, salads, pancakes, soups and more- but also more unique twists on breakfast items such as acai bowls, gluten-free whole grain bowls and seasonal vegetable dishes. Additionally, all of these spots feature gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free options on the menu and/or as substitutes. These restaurants each take on their own persona with choices of chic and unique decor that enhance the atmosphere and overall dining experience. Next weekend, or the next time you’re visiting NYC, check out one of these cute spots and dig in.



Dimes is a small, quaint little space with six two-tops along one side and stools along the other. Dimes begins breakfast at 8 AM and continues to serve brunch dishes until 4 PM. Dimes serves a wide variety of items from the classic breakfast eggs, to eclectic fruity breakfast options such as acai bowls and orange date muesli, and savory delights featuring matcha buttermilk pancakes, sweet potato nachos and gluten-free grain bowls. Although Dimes’ menu features meat options, almost all of the dishes have a fruit and/or vegetable component that adds color and flavor to the dish. Make a stop at Dimes next weekend If you are in search of a fun, upbeat breakfast joint serving one-of-a-kind dishes.

49 Canal Street

New York, NY 10002



The Fat Radish

If you’re looking for a funky Lower East side gem to try for brunch, check out The Fat Radish this weekend. It’s warming atmosphere – white-washed bare brick walls and light wood furniture – provides a cozy space for a skylight-lit brunch. The kitchen’s commitment to farm-to-table, coupled with the food’s British flair, highlight veggies as the center of many dishes. From fruit and veggie fresh squeezed juices such as “The Fat Radish Orange” with Squash, Carrot, Citrus, and Ginger, to “Sweet Potato Hash, Onions, Spicy Tahini, Yogurt, Sunnyside Eggs,” the Fat Radish blends unique flavors and textures. One of the top brunch items is the avocado toast, which is served on 7-grain toast with soft boiled eggs. The toast is drizzled in hot sauce, giving this brunch classic a distinct, spicy flavor. Next time you are in search of a wholesome, yummy brunch, head to The Fat Radish.

7 Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002



Cafe Mogador

Every Saturday and Sunday Cafe Mogador is serving up Moroccan- and Mediterranean-inspired brunch at their Brooklyn and East Village locations from 9AM to 4PM. Using organic eggs and milk, as well as fair trade coffee, this award-winning brunch spot is a favorite among locals and restaurateurs alike. The prefixe brunch which includes coffee or moroccan tea, fresh orange juice, poached eggs, english muffins, roasted potatoes and greens is often chosen among diners. In addition to the prefixe egg options, Cafe Mogador also features breakfast classics such as granola and greek yogurt, and french toast with local maple syrup. If you are looking for a an unusual Moroccan brunch-with-flair, go check out Cafe Mogador!

Two Locations:

East Village

101 St Marks Place

New York, NY 10009




133 Wythe Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11249



Chalk Point Kitchen

Chalk Point Kitchen is an airy, open spot with a rustic vibe; the whitewashed walls and gingham napkins serve as accents to the organic-esque decor, while complementing the farm-to-table food.  The menu has just about anything you may want for brunch – from goji berry toast with pistachio butter, matcha yogurt parfait, brussel sprout hash, toasted quinoa waffles, and eggs benedict, to plant/vegetable/meat-based protein bowls and salads. In addition to the creative brunch options, there is an extensive drink menu – alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike. One of the most popular brunch drinks is a kale martini, which is your typical green juice spiked with apple vodka! Definitely check out CPK if you want to a taste of seasonal, sustainable and organic products from NYC markets and local farms.

527 Broome Street

New York, NY 10013



The Wild Son

The Wild Son is a new, fresh and hot brunch spot nestled in the Meatpacking District between the High Line and Hudson River. The open kitchen and bar add an airy feel, and the green plants are accessory to the clean and wholesome proteins, vegetables, greens and grains. The dishes cover the breakfast classics, but go beyond to include healthy ingredients. Some of the favorites are the gluten-free “Buckwheat Pancakes” with wildflower honey, orange and turmeric butter, breakfast sandwiches – including a vegan Cauliflower-steak toast, grain and egg bowls with seasonal vegetables, “Green Tartine” with avocado, herb yogurt and sprouts, and to top it off, freshly-baked doughnuts (vegan options available) . As far as drinks go, a weekend go-to is the “Dark Lemon Soda,” which is a lemon drink with a dash of activated charcoal. Definitely venture to The Wild Son You – cannot go wrong with the extensive brunch options.

53 Little West 12th Street

New York, NY 10014



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