non-toxic shampoo and conditioner in a marble shower.I receive so many questions asking about the best non-toxic shampoo and conditioner brands, so here they are! There are a variety of products here for children and adults alike; there are some for volume and others for moisturizing and so forth. Whatever floats your boat, I’ve got you covered.

Click on each product for more information.


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for putting together a great list of product over here. I’m trying to choose a non-toxic shampoo for my 2 kids and had a question about the brand ‘Nature’s baby organics’ and whether it is non-toxic. Also, what’s your take on Green People’s shampoo as I’ve heard it’s good, but unable to find more info to be sure.

    1. Hi Shobita, Wonderful to hear from you. I’m sorry but I have not used the ‘Nature’s baby organics’ or “Green People’s’ products. I have only used the products listed. The one listed for children is the only one I suggest for kids.

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