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Click the play button below to listen to the audio clip about self-care, energy and what’s keeping us stuck and unwell beyond food before listening to this month’s songs (click the image above to listen to the September playlist).


We think it’s all about bubble baths but it’s not. It’s so much deeper. It’s a huge part of the healing process, which I, of course, did not understand or know until my 30’s. Since healing my body I’ve discovered deeper layers of health and well-being that allowed me to move out of survival mode and into pleasure and enjoyment.

Those levels are the emotional and energetic levels of the body. Kale and supplements can surely help you get to a certain point but they will not, I repeat, will not heal your body. There is deeper work to be done, which is exactly what I’m discussing in today’s audio clip and in our upcoming retreat, The Full Body Transformation in North Carolina next month.

Listen to the audio clip and then this month’s playlist and enjoy these beautiful songs that help you get back into your body and help you take care of yourself on a much deeper level. You know what to do. Trust yourself.


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