Twice a year, I share downloadable wallpaper images for your desktop computer and phone help you relax your body and enjoy the flow of life. I hope this ‘Letting Go’ wallpaper inspires you to take a deep breath and LET GO of whatever emotions and thoughts you’re holding onto so tightly that’s causing you pain.

wallpaper to inspire you for your computer and desktop to let go

Letting GO

I talked about “Letting Go” in April (listen to this AUDIO CLIP to hear me chat all about how to Let Go) and I’ve received so many emails from you about how helpful this letting go information was. So, I thought about creating summer wallpaper for your computer and phone that felt like summer and also allowed you take a deep breath and Let Go.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Just for you.


Right click on the below photo, save to your desktop computer or your phone then set it as your wallpaper.



Summer beach wallpaper for your computer desktop and phone screens to remind you to let go when you need letting go.

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