It’s Summer.

Well, it sure feels like it.  The sun is shining. The birds are chirping by 7 AM. The crickets are screeching by 6 PM and the smell of BBQ’s and sea salt is in the air on the shore.

Not to mention, the good ol’ sun is shining.


Sunshine makes me happy.

So, when I turned on my computer this morning, after tying back my curtains with a pretty yellow polka dot ribbon, I smiled and stared at the sunshine peering through my Manhattan apartment.  Glorious, I tell ya. Glorious.

My weather bug is blinking on my laptop, chirping and telling me there is a ‘Frizz’ warning. Um, well I guess life could be worse.  I mean, seriously since when did the Weather Channel’s Weather Bug come up with a ‘Frizz’ warning for us Manhattan folks. I guess I really do live in a humid city.

Anyway, a simple walk out the door and the sight of 3 sail boats in the river passing by.

Now it really feels like Summer.

After indulging all weekend in dark chocolate, waffles and really good peanut butter, decadent ambrosia and a few other sweets that are undocumented, hehe…I woke up this morning yearning for some fresh squeezed juice.

I quickly hit up Google for some new NYC Juice Bars in my neighborhood and decided to simply get juiced.  Actually, I got a different juice at 3 juice bars… nice n’ green n’ fruity with wheat grass n’ fresh ingredients.

Just how I like it.

Now it really, really feels like summer.

Fresh juice. Fresh flowers. Surf boards. Seaside breeze. Manhattan sun. SPF 9,000 for my sensitive skin. A hot kitchen.  The oven making breads and loafs n’ muffins.  The air conditioner kicking on HIGH.

Ahhh, the Summer.

Now, it’s time to heal my belly.  Day by Day. Taking it one day at a time.

Happy (Almost) Summer.



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  1. Amie,
    I just read an article about wheat grass. It said that unless the grass is tested with an Elisa test, it shouldn’t be considered gluten free. You might want to check on that before you use it in a juice again, especially since your belly isn’t feeling very good right now! The web site was It’s a pretty authorative site. We have to look out for one another!

    1. Thank you so much, Barb. You are so kind to write to me and let me know about this. I actually made sure the wheat grass was gluten-free before I drank it. Also, I love using Amazing Grass as they sell a wheat-grass that is delicious and gluten-free. Thank you for this article. This is very interesting and I’m going to look into this further. Thank you, again; hope all is well with you. Have a great night and I appreciate your support with my stomach too! xo