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My 8th year at Expo West was quite possibly the best yet. I saw all of my favorite brands, the incredible friends I’ve created the last 7 years and enjoyed lots of sunshine in California! So, I was planning to be out in California for about 10 days before Expo to enjoy my first vacation in 10 years, yes 10. Now that I’m healthy enough to travel more, I’m ready for a vacation. Sadly, my vacation was to Big Sur, a beautiful coastal area of northern California, but because of the mudslides, there has been so much damage out there so they had to close Big Sur for a year as of last month. I was bummed but I still went out to LA for 7 days to play with friends and enjoy some relaxing time out there soaking up the sunshine at the farmers markets and beach. Then, I headed out to Expo West for 4 days and had a ball filled with lots of giggles with my foodie friends. I’m already looking forward to next year. I haven’t done an Expo West recap in a few years and I received so many emails from all of you asking about all the products I posted on my instagram stories and my instagram slideshows, so….here you go! These products are in stores now or will be in stores by May!

(p.s. all these pics were taken from my phone instagram so they’re a little smaller).

Enjoy. xo

First up, a few pictures from my time at the beach in L.A.

Look at these amazing fruits and veggies from the farmers market. They were amazing!

IMG_20170307_140555 IMG_20170307_140917

Watching my first sunset in 34 years on Manhattan Beach.


O hey, little selfie of ME! IMG_20170308_181819And now, onto Expo West. Lots of goodies here!

IMG_20170309_160945First up, Made in Nature, one of my FAVORITE BRANDS EVER!! You probably noticed I talked about them a lot on my instagram stories- I must have done about 10 stories on all of their new products because I was so excited. Their products are so clean, so unique and so delicious. I’ve talked a LOT about Made in Nature throughout the last few years because I am such a huge fan of their products. You can check out my posts here: Carefree Quinoa Tacos: 3 Ways, On the Go Snacks, and Autumn Baked Oatmeal Squares.

So, they just came out with these Figgy Pops last year and they blew my mind. Literally. Now they’re selling them in cute travel pouches (I showed these on my instagram stories). Below are the pouches they are sold in, as well. They just came out with two NEW flavors that are nut butter filled (with almond and cashew butter). One is Nutter and Jelly and the other is Mocha Almond, which are insanely delicious. Look for them in stores soon! They have SO many amazing products; check them out here.

IMG_20170310_105801AND…. they just came out with dehyrated onion rings — not fried! How cool is that?

IMG_20170310_110442The laundry detergent I use and LOVE because it’s non-toxic from Seventh Generation: Seventh Generation Laundry Packets and Seventh Generation Detergent.
IMG_20170311_143558 IMG_20170311_143548The best NOW Foods Marcona Blanched Almonds.

IMG_20170311_142729A really cool walnut milk that inspired me to start making my own at home!

IMG_20170311_140719Organic Girl is coming out with organic juices! Not just salads and salad dressings anymore. IMG_20170311_140129And REBBL, a drink brand that I love to sip on throughout the week!

IMG_20170311_135325Essential Living Foods Brazil Nuts. OMG so good! These are amazing if you have thyroid issues because they are so high in selenium. I eat 4 per day!IMG_20170311_130820 Yes!!! Finally brands are catching on to the MTHFR gene, that I talk about in my book, Eating Clean. 30% of the population is missing this detox gene so it’s KEY to make sure you are taking the right type of folate and B12. Thank you Megafood! IMG_20170311_104952Also a HUGE trend was lemon almonds. Really? So odd but they were good. Made from lemon oil. I must have seen like 10 brands making these for this year!


Farmhouse Culture has NEW Probiotic Tortilla Chips AND Sparkling Probiotic Veggie Drinks (on the top shelf) and then Gut Shots (lower shelf) and they are so good! YAY!

IMG_20170310_172414 If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my instagram story about the Vital Farms eggs and how amazing and beautiful their YOLKS are. OMG OMG OMG. They are incredible and so fresh and of course, organic.  IMG_20170310_172048

The New Barn organic almond milk is by FAR my favorite new almond milk — and their ice cream is incredible. With no added junk! All pure goodness.


KiteHill dairy-free almond cheese. OMG this tastes JUST like real cheese. It’s incredible. Love love love!


And the new line of holistic teas from Numi, which are delicious and so delicate tasting. I loved them!


Go Macro bars continue to be one of our favorite bars – super clean and amazing and deliissshhhhhhh!IMG_20170310_102026

Navitas Naturals came out with a superfood blend that’s amazing and so filling and full of nutrients. I loved it! And NO stevia in here, whew!!

IMG_20170310_100905 And last but not least, my favorite chips from Que Pasa, who makes the best chips. Remember the Nachos I made using these chips? Check them out here: Veggie NachosIMG_20170311_153402

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. So many great products. That walnut milk sounds awesome. I used to make rice, almond and oat milk, but never thought about walnut. That would have a higher amount of Omega 3’s. That almond cream cheese also sounds amazing. I’m actually snacking on essential living Machu Picchu mix right now… So disappointed that I didn’t run into you, but there’s so many people and Expo is gotten so big. Well, I’m glad you had a great time and that you are feeling great and traveling!! Thanks again for sharing. Peace & Health.

    1. So sad I missed you and loving essential living, too! Big hugs and thank you Alberto. Let’s please get together next year here. Big hugs!!

  2. I should have known you were at Expo West. Wish I saw you. If you ever make it to Northern California, drop me a line! I live in Santa Cruz now. xoxo

    1. Thank you Erin; so lovely to see your name on here and your face. I wish I saw you. Were you there? So amazing that you are in Santa Cruz; hope you are loving it. Big hugs! oxxx