Cushing Syndrome | How to Relieve Stress

Picture yourself walking down the street and a dog jumps out and starts barking at you- you’re startled and scared because you may be in danger. When we are scared or threatened, our body releases a  ‘fight or flight’ response. Essentially what happens is a chemical release of hormones within your body; these hormones are Cortisol and Epinephrine.

In a life threatening scenario this release of hormones is very useful and can save our lives but when it’s not coming from a life threatening situation and instead it’s the daily stress of your life, your body sometimes can’t tell the difference. It can be stress from an illness, a cold, work, family, your boss, traffic, traveling, etc. Stress is stressful and it takes a toll on our bodies after awhile of being in this ‘fight or flight’ state for too long.  Stress can trigger your hormones, Cortisol and Epinephrine, the same way as when the a dog jump out and scares you by barking.

Cortisol is essential to heal your body; each night while you sleep, your body releases Cortisol in healthy amounts. The process is called Circadian Rhythm. This aides your body in healing, which is essential to function. When this does not occur, you continually endure stress and your Circadian Rhythm becomes too depleted, which can lead to adrenal fatigue, weight gain and anxiety.

The best cure for Cortisol imbalance is to try relaxing. Part of managing stress means taking time to remove stressors and slow down. There are several ways to reduce stress in your life and thus help your body restore its natural balance. Try an easy meditation for five minutes every morning before you get out of bed. Listen to soothing music while you work or on your way to work. Although you may feel like you don’t have time for these stress-relieving activities, it is so important to find the time and pencil it in your schedule. I always find time to take a bath at the end of each day and relax with yoga music and it’s helped heal my adrenals and pull my body out of the stressful ‘fight or flight’ mode that I was in for so many years with my health.


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