I am proud to announce a Big S Farms Salsa and Hot Sauce Give-A-Way. Four lucky winners will be chosen next Monday, July the 6th.  I will be choosing 3 runner up winners who will be able to choose between a Big S Farms Salsa or a Big S Farms Hot Sauce and one very lucky Grand Prize Winner who will receive all 6 Big S Farms products!


Big S Farms is one of the oldest family-owned farming enterprises in the US and the largest habanero grower in Tennessee!  They offer an amazing line of Gourmet Habanero Sauces and Salsas made from all natural ingredients with No preservatives, No Sugar, No MSG, No Food Stabilizers, No Food Coloring, Low Sodium and Non-Iodized Salt!  Yum!!!


Big S Farms ingredients such as hot peppers and Chile peppers are well known for their powerful health punch and healing powers!


Be sure to take a look at the Big S Farms website for a peak at their delicious salsa and hot sauce products.


For your chance to win, send me a comment telling me which Big S Farms product you would like to try and why you should be chosen!  Good luck!

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  1. As you know I love salsa on everything! I use it on veggies, eggs, omelets, fish, and almost anything else! I know that the two of us would love any of their awesome products!!

  2. I am the BIGGEST Salsa Fan. It’s my Go-To Condiment for everything- Eggs, Chicken, Quesadillas, Mixed with Hummus and Fage Yogurt- you name it! I’m always looking to try a new brand of salsa. There are some out there that are way too watery or tomatoey but the Big S products don’t look like they fall in that boat. The Tennessee Thunder flavor sounds amazing, I love a little sweetness in my salsa. I should win because I’m always on the hunt to find the BEST salsa. Pick Me!

  3. wow! thanks for holding this great giveaway! the Big S Farm product that I would LOVE to try is hands down, Fire on the Mountain Salsa! I would love to win because I am really trying to get my family to start eating healthier and it’s been an arduous process. I truly believe once they start realizing that eating food that isn’t filled with preservatives and junk that you can’t even pronounce doesn’t mean having to forfeit taste, they will be more willing to change their eating habits. I think Big S Farm salsas and sauces would be such a great way to really open their eyes, minds and tastebuds to new possibilities.

  4. I would love to try Big S Farms Salsa. I love salsa and have a hard time finding a salsa in NJ with the right combination of ingredients. I have recently tried to make my own salsa but it is very tidious. I would love to try Big S’s because it may just be “the one”!

  5. I would love to try the Salsa! For years I have had an ongoing battle to find the best salsa with my nephew in Texas. I’d love to arm myself with a new one to to offer him!

  6. I would love to try the Tennessee Thunder Habanero Sauce…the Caribbean flavor would go so well with some of the dishes I make. I’d love to try it with some pineapple!

  7. I would love to try the habanero salsa because salsa is literally my favorite food! I am a salsa and chips addict!
    Looking forward to meeting you at the Healthy Living Summit, this is an amazing giveaway!

  8. What a great giveaway!! I would love to try the Tennessee Lightning for several reasons:

    1. I have family from Tennessee and love supporting “local” organizations

    2. My husband got me into hot sauce several years ago and I’ve gradually worked my way up, but I prefer more natural options like these.

    3. I’m trying to get my husband to eat more naturally and he LOVES his hot sauce! 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!