3 Month Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan Videos

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3 month anti-inflammatory program

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Thank you for purchasing the 3 Month Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan, I’m excited for you to dive into these brand new anti-inflammatory recipes I created just for you. In this meal plan you’ll also learn more about how to eat anti-inflammatory foods, remove processed foods and sugar, and discover how to eat clean throughout the next 12 weeks.

Please start with the below Introduction Video, which will give you an overall view of what you can expect in the program as well as additional information that is not included in the PDF document.

Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions!



Introduction Video (Video 1)


Video 2

Links Mentioned in Video:

Flatbreads & Grain-Free Crackers

Water Filter (Removes Fluoride and Heavy Metals)

Castor Oil Detox Packs

Skin Brushing for Lymphatic Movement & Detox

Epsom Salts for Detox

Infrared Sauna for Detox

Organic Coffee Enemas for Detox

Extra Tips for Non-Toxic Food Storage