Skin Brushing {Detox}

How to Increase Blood Flow | How to Improve Circulation

Skin brushing is something that I’ve started doing since working with Integrative Medicine Doctors. It’s helpful for boosting both lymph and blood circulation. It’s simply applying a brush to dry skin with quick, short strokes.

Along with promoting circulation, skin brushing is a great way to exfoliate your skin, clearing the pores of dead tissue.  Your skin will feel smoother and softer and will take on a glow appearance. Your immune system will also be stimulated. The best part for my women clients is that skin brushing assists with breaking down cellulite.

You’ll need to purchase a long-handled, natural-bristle skin brush that’s sold at your health food store or Whole Foods Market. Don’t purchase nylon or synthetic bristles because they’ll be too rough on your skin. You can do your brushing before your daily bath or shower.

Begin with the sole of one foot and move up the front and back of one leg; then end on that side of your body with your butt. Repeat with your other leg starting down at your foot again.

Then, brush your hands and arms, moving up each side separately as you did with your legs. Progress up your arm from your fingers to your arm pit. Repeat on both sides then brush your shoulders, neck, back and chest. Always be sure to brush toward your heart. When you are brushing your stomach, brush in a clockwise direction to stimulate your digestive tract.

This takes less than five minutes and is a great way to detox.

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