I was recently sent a beautiful YogaForce Mat from Yoga Force LLC to review and I must say it is the most beautiful yoga mat I have ever seen and the most amazing mat I have ever used.

The Yoga Force is unbelievable; I love the soft cushioning feel of the mat as well as the convenient and easy-to-carry hands free adjustable shoulder strap.  At only 4 pounds, the mat is easy to carry and transport for urban dwellers on the run.  This ergonomic mat also comes with a removable wallet to hold personal items such as keys, credit cards, a cell phone, iPod, chapstick or sunblock.  And what’s not to love about a mat that is eco-friendly; made from long lasting, recyclable, non-latex material?

The YogaForce Mat’s simple alignment guides are essential to get the most benefit out of your yoga practice, while the patented shape allows you more room to maneuver in class.

From the beginning, YogaForce has been a labor of love. when Anne Appleby first became addicted to yoga back in the 80’s, she was frustrated by the lack of fun, comfy, hip clothing in which to practice.  But, only a short while later, Anne created her very own clothing line and a revolutionary Patented YogaForce A-Line Mat.  The patented alignment system on the YogaForce Mat aides in physical therapy, pilates, floor exercises and yoga as it helps guide your body in proper positioning to maximize performance.

Dr. Andrew Weil and The College of Sports Medicine both recently endorsed the Mat, which can be purchased online, as well as at The Sports Club LA, The InterContinental Hotels and The Cooper Clinic.

After facing a severe accident, Anne was told by her surgeons that she would never run again, yet with the help of the A-Line Mat, Anne has run marathons and has no signs of injury after aligning her body with the mat.

I love Anne’s philosophy on life and her healthy lifestyle.  She truly is a successful entrepreneur, who has created an incredible following including celebrities such as: Courtney Cox, Madonna, Lance Armstrong, Julia Stiles and Minnie Driver.

Anne quotes, “The Mat has put me in the best shape of my life.  I stay in condition the easy way; I am mindful about eating and keeping my body in alignment. It is so simple.”

And it is that simple, take a look at the YogaForce for yourself and see how incredible this Mat really is.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Anne Appleby, founder of YogaForce Mats.

  • How did you come up with the idea for YogaForce Mats?

I was in a car accident, actually a few, in LA while working as an executive at Paramount Pictures.  Needed a Mat to get me back in shape.  The ergonomic form works to give one a bit more room in class.  The simple stripes really worked to guide my body back into alignment and heal my injuries.  I love it.  Even though I teach, I still use the lines, one less thing to have to think about.  The Mat is now patented.

  • Tell me about your typical day.

I am the Founder & Chief Creative for Yoga Force LLC; I run around maybe teach a class if I am lucky to keep me sane, and work some more.  I also have speaking engagements about bone health and how to start a business. I am currently working on going International.

  • What is your favorite yoga pose?

Down Dog, I think it is the most relaxing pose ever.  I also love Plow Pose.  I just got a puppy for Christmas and now we do a bit of yoga together.

  • What is your favorite meal to cook?

Shrimp with garden fresh veggies sautéed in chardonnay, olive oil and garlic.  And fresh artisan bread.  I am a bread lover!

  • What is your favorite LA restaurant?

I live in San Francisco now.  A-16 is a fun place.  In LA, I still enjoy going up the coast to Geoffrey’s in Malibu.

  • What is one item that you couldn’t live without?

Paper towels.

  • How would you describe your cooking technique?

Fast and furious.

  • What do you see in the future for YogaForce Mats?

It is a lifestyle brand.  We are starting to get investors.  It will be big. I was just doing it all by myself for so long, keeping the authenticity is of primary importance to me.  I now have a great team.

  • Describe your kitchen at home. Clean.

To be honest, my best dish is called RESERVATIONS!

  • Do you consider yourself to be more of a cook or a baker at home?

I like to eat out.  I am a foodie.

  • What is your best advice?

Make it easy and do what feels right.

  • What inspires your work with YogaForce Mats?

Lining it up!  Life is too short to do a practice out of alignment. Doing it right in the fist place saves energy and helps you to focus.

Thank you, Anne for a fabulous interview and an amazing yoga mat…I’ve been using the mat everyday and I love it…incredibly unique, comfy and easy to transport…I’m hooked!

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