Many of you have been asking me, “What is coconut oil good for?” and “What are coconut oil benefits?” So today we’re going to chat it up about my favorite oil. Coconut oil has been my new go-to superfood. It’s helped me balance my hormones and heal my thyroid. It’s one of the only plant-based sources of saturated fat and YES we ALL need saturated fat in our lifestyles. For years, myself and everyone else was afraid of saturated fats but experts and the doctors who healed me, have touted its incredible benefits including reducing LDL cholesterol, antibacterial qualities, reducing inflammation and increasing energy. We were once told to believe that saturated fat was bad and promoted cardiovascular disease and clogged your arteries.

Coconut oil is made primarily of unique fatty acids called medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which scientific studies show do NOT negatively impact your cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil’s chemical structure is much easier digested than other oils because most fats are broken down in our intestines and then made into a form that can be transported into our blood, however, MCT’s are absorbed intact and are brought straight to the liver where they’re used for energy. Unrefined virgin coconut oil has proven NOT to elevate LDL and has show to actually elevate the good HDL.

The polyphenol properties of coconut oil and it’s health boosting antioxidants can even reduce LDL cholesterol.

I suggest trying coconut oil in your baking in place of using butter and in cooking in place of olive oil because coconut oil is better for high heat cooking, while olive oil looses its nutrients when heated too high. Get your blood work tested with your Integrative MD to see how your body reacts to coconut oil and to see if it’s helping your inflammation and cholesterol. I’ve seen more energy, brighter skin, weight loss and more from using 4 Tbsp. of coconut oil in my meals everyday.

You’ll love the taste; it’s a little coconut-y and adds amazing flavor to baked goods and any veggies or stir-fry, sauce, etc. Use it in place of olive oil for all your recipes.

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  1. Hi Amie! I read somewhere that to help sleep a woman took a tablespoon of coconut oil, sprinkled Himalayan sea salt and drizzled honey to help her sleep?? What do you think about that?