What are you yearning for this Christmas?


Is it really already December 5th?

Only 20 little days until Christmas.

Only 19 more days to prep.

O the horror!

But, think of it this way…19 more fun-filled days to bake n’ cook n’ shop and enjoy the pretty lights and festive decor.

I wish this time of the year could last forever. Don’t you?

It’s been a beautiful 60 degrees here in Manhattan and I’ve been soaking up the sun walking through Central Park every day.

And I love it.

I’m just thankful to be with my family this Christmas; so happy my sister is coming home from Singapore and can’t wait to enjoy some relaxing time with good food and fabulous company.

What’s on my list this year? Well, I never have a list but I’ve just been thinking about what I could use…

I just bought myself 2 pairs of Lululemon pants (big step as they are quite pricey) and a new pair of eyeglasses (more to come on them…they’re so fun) but if I really had to think I guess I would focus my Christmas List on my body’s toxicity and Detox cleansing asking for glass food containers, an organic shower curtain, a new lamp shade, Whole Foods Market and Fresh Direct gift cards….

I spent my Friday night tossing out the other half of my toxic apartment…household cleaners, makeup, etc. I feel like it never ends and it seems every month since May I’ve been cleaning and tossing another few trash bags full of great gadgets, toothpaste, mouthwash, and lotions and potions and food that I once loved but no longer can use…Sad but I know it’s for the best.

So, I decided to get a bit creative and look for some simple yet Clean and non-toxic gifts that you can share with your loved ones on your holiday.

Here’s a fun set of cute gluten-free and vegan Christmas gifts that I’ve gathered for someone on your list.

Happy ‘Clean’ Shopping.

Wooden Cooking Paddles

Mini Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Matteo Home Linen Napkins

Zoku Quick Pop Maker with Tools

Black + Blum Lunch Pot

Almond, Vanilla and Lemon Extract

Yuzo Marmalade

TwinCakes Holiday Gift Basket (Raw, Gluten-Free and Vegan)

Blood Orange Olive Oil

The Sonoma Trio by O Olive Oil

Manicardi Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Frog Hollow Jams

Nontoxic Soy Nail Polish Remover

FoldTuk Round Collapsible Bakeware

Smoked Sea Salt

What’s on your ‘Clean’ Holiday list this year?

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  1. Love your gift list! I’m starving after these photos! If you haven’t discovered them yet, Zabars carries an amazing new gluten-free line of baked goods called Las Delicias. Try the pumpkin muffin or the chocolate cookies that have white chocolate and coconut (and I think walnuts or macadamia nuts) in them. They are my favorite! This stuff is amazingly moist, and tastes like the real thing! And if you really want your taste buds to soar, try the Caramel Fleur de Sel brownie… to-die-for! Now I’m off to dream about cherry wood smoked sea salt and yuzu marmalade (but not together)!!

    1. Thanks Nancy; so great to hear from you. I haven’t tried those baked goods from Zabars yet but I will surely give them a try this weekend! I will go look for them in the morning! Thank you so much; have a lovely holiday season and thank you again for your comment!

    1. Thank you, Peter; so great to hear from you! Hope all is well; this olive oil is fabulous…adds such a nice touch to the spicy arugula. Have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you soon! Give my best to your beautiful family.

    1. Thanks Jamie; they’re so cute aren’t they? I couldn’t resist putting them up here. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Kim; so happy to hear your enjoyed these holiday treats. Have a great week and keep up the great gluten-free work. Lovin’ your posts!