So, do I think I have what it takes to be the Next Food Blog Star? I sure do…without a doubt in my mind.  Why me? Why The Healthy Apple? Well, let’s just say I’ve gotta whole lotta foodie fun under my belt and I’m yearnin’ to show my enthusiasm and passion for healthy n’ fun cookin’…because, what is good food without good fun? Nothin’…well, at least to me it’s nothin’ … Food is all about the experience, my cooking is all about whole farm-to-table foods packed with nutrients and simple, fresh tastes while my baking is all about my unique gluten-free doughy techniques (with a hint of added good-for-you benefits such as veggies, flax seeds and nut butters).  I can’t go far from the kitchen without my handy-dandy go-to snacks and homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner…

How do I do it? Well, let’s just say living in the ‘Big Apple’ of Manhattan isn’t easy when you have a kitchen the size of a belly button and it’s 20K for a meatball at any deli… but, I make do…Yes, call me crazy, call me looney, but you must believe me.  I cook and bake 100% of my meals from scratch-yes, Grandma you taught me well, Amie Jo may just be the only Manhattan diva livin’ life in the kitchen.  Why? Well, I love it.  I do.  How could I not? Being both gluten and dairy intolerant can pose some major problems at restaurants and unless I am 100% certain that my meal is gluten n’ dairy free–I ain’t dinin’ there!

But that’s fine by me.  Why? Because I travel this tiny island of Manhattan by foot from the UWS Fairway to the Chelsea Market … from the New Amsterdam Market at South Street Seaport to the tiny health food stores on the UES…I’ve been there, I’ve seen ’em all, scouted ’em out and explored the foodie culture of Manhattan from Summer to Fall and Winter to Spring.

That’s the beauty about being a food bloggie…I am a food bloggie and I love it.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world…Yes, I have my big-time corporate job in Marketing for the NBA (National Basketball Association) but I’ve also been named the Culinary Nutritionist for our NBA Fit Program where I work with families and young kids educating them on how to eat right, eat smart and get cookin’!

I am also a Culinary Marketing Consultant to many of your favorite brands, whom I work with on a daily basis as a Brand Ambassador creating videos, recipes, content, sponsorships and presentations at expos n’ conferences.  I love what I do…it’s what makes, me…well, ME… It’s what I rush home to every night to blog for hours in front of my tiny computer in my tiny apartment…but I love it; I love the rush, the pleasure, the relaxation and the feeling I get when I create a new mouthwatering, healthy recipe…when I connect with my readers and answer their questions, when I smile every time I see a “Comment” come through…Thank you, all of you, for making me: The Healthy Apple, a place I invite you to escape to after a long day, to find nutritiously delicious recipes that will have your taste buds dancin’ and beggin’ for more…


And that’s what makes The Healthy Apple ‘tick… it’s my drive, my motivation, my passion and my dedication to helping others learn that eating healthy is fun n’ easy… and working with incredible clients, products and companies to help spread the word and increase awareness for these tasty treats!

So, if that’s not enough evidence to convince you that I’m your gal, I’m your sugar baby (or stevia, hehe)…I’m your Next Food Blog Star…well then I don’t know what is…

All I can tell you is that The Healthy Apple comes from my heart, each and every post, every ingredient, every recipe, every tip and every comment is Me, Amie Jo, The Healthy Apple…

I’m your gal and I’d love to show you the side of me you’ve never seen…The Real Gal Behind The Healthy Apple…behind these words, these recipes, these ingredients…

Do you wanna see me in action?

That’s what I thought! I do too! I’m ready to hit the ground runnin’…I’m ready for this Foodbuzz Challenge and I hope you are too, so please, on September 20th:


To Be The Next Food Blog Star

Thank you, to all of my readers and fans; have a fabulous day, everyone.



…and a special tribute to the fabulous ladies in my life, my mommy and sis, I love you both and miss you lots…Thank you for all of your support…(you too, daddy, hehe!)

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  1. I think you do have what it takes to be the Next Foodblog Star. I think you have a great blog and I love how you blog about healthy eating. Best of luck in the competition. You’ve got my vote.

    1. Awwww; you just made my entire day! Thank you so much, Steph! Honestly, I appreciate your kind words and your Foodblog Star vote. This means so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the great bloggin’ darling and I hope we get to ‘meet’ sometime soon outside of this virtual bloggie world, hehe… Enjoy your evening and have a great weekend! xoxo Amie

    1. Hehehe; yes, Bobby Dean is absolutely adorable….he is so cute and so nice…it was such a pleasure to meet him and his brother at this event…Good luck on PFB too; I wish you the best and hope we get to advance too! Thank you and have a great day. Best, Amie

    1. Thank you so very much, Veronica; greatly appreciated. The voting starts this Monday the 20th and I’m keepin’ my lil fingers crossed, hehe. Have a wonderful day. Best, Amie

    1. Thank you so very much, Cheryl; greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy my tasty gluten-free n’ dairy-free recipes. Have a wonderful evening and thank you again for your comment! Best, Amie