Enter: My NEW Monthly Playlist Series.

Ready to dance? Ready to cry? Ready to let go of that energy that’s pent up inside of you that you need to release so you can feel free and alive and healthy? Every month, I’ll be sharing songs that have helped me heal. Each playlist will have a new theme so you can tap into the emotions you need to release.

I’m bringing you monthly playlists to get you shaking your booty in your mirror, to get you to release painful emotions that are stored inside your body causing you negative symptoms and to make you FEEL more. This month, it’ all about FEELING GOOD, hence the theme: REVIVAL.

One of the most incredible parts of my healing journey was discovering music that allowed me to tap into my emotions on a deeper level, to release pain and suffering and trauma that made me cry, laugh, giggle and smile. I’ve come across thousands of songs these last 10 years that have brought me through every emotion imaginable. They helped me release what I needed and that’s what I want you to experience for yourself because true healing is more than just food, folks. You’ve gotta FEEL and move and get your body in a high vibration so your cells can do what they need to in order to flow and heal and create harmony in your body.

Every time I hear the songs I’ll be sharing, they bring me back to the moment of either lying on my bathroom floor in too much pain to move when I needed something to go deeper into the pain and to help my body get through the rough patches or when I needed to dance and move and shake it. These songs carried me throughout the years and have brought me to a place where I’m at peace with myself and in perfect health: happy, healthy, whole and radiant. My hope is that they, too, bring you lots of joy. The best part is that you’ll have a new playlist to listen to every month.

Click on the image above for the first playlist.


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