Looking for a few Healthy Restaurants in NYC? Here’s a list of the best clean eating spots that are delicious and healthy in Manhattan, NYC.

I’m excited to share my list of my favorite healthy restaurants in NYC as well as cafes and takeout destinations in the fabulous world of Manhattan. Some of these are casual, some a bit more fancy and some a tee-shirt and flip flop kinda spot. Take a look at each restaurant by clicking on the URL on the right of the restaurant’s name and you’ll be directed to their website so you can browse the menu and offerings. All of these healthy restaurants in NYC have gluten-free options and most have dairy-free and vegetarian/vegan options, as well.

Let me know what spots you try and what you ordered!


  1. The Fat Radish http://www.thefatradishnyc.com/
  2. abcV https://www.abchome.com/c/dine/abcv/
  3. Cafe Clover https://www.cafeclovernyc.com/
  4. ABC Kitchen https://www.abchome.com/c/dine/abc-kitchen
  5. Palma http://www.palmanyc.com/
  6. The Green Table Chelsea Market http://www.cleaverco.com/green-table
  7. Estela https://www.estelanyc.com
  8. Five Leaves http://fiveleavesny.com/
  9. Bluestone Lane https://bluestonelane.com/
  10. Norma’s http://www.parkermeridien.com/eat/normas/
  11. Coco + Cru http://cocoandcru.com/
  12. Atla http://atlanyc.com/
  13. The Wild Son http://thewildsonnyc.com/
  14. Faro http://farobk.com/
  15. Cafe Mogador http://www.cafemogador.com/
  16. Extra Virgin http://extravirginrestaurant.com/
  17. The Organic Grill https://www.theorganicgrill.com/
  18. Chalk Point Kitchen https://www.chalkpointkitchen.com/
  19. The Little Beet Table http://www.thelittlebeettable.com/
  20. Hu Kitchen https://hukitchen.com/
  21. The Little Beet https://www.thelittlebeet.com
  22. Sweetgreen http://www.sweetgreen.com/
  23. Bareburger http://bareburger.com/
  24. Ellary’s Greens http://www.ellarysgreens.com/
  25. Quartino Bottega Organica http://www.quartino.com/
  26. Siggys http://www.siggysgoodfood.com/
  27. Little Park http://www.littlepark.com/
  28. Hudson Clearwater http://www.hudsonclearwater.com/
  29. Community Food and Juice http://www.communityrestaurant.com/
  30. Hearth https://www.restauranthearth.com
  31. The Smile https://www.thesmilenyc.com/
  32. The Butcher’s Daughter https://www.thebutchersdaughter.com/
  33. Jack’s Wife Freda http://jackswifefreda.com/
  34. The Bonnie https://www.thebonnie.com/
  35. Buvette https://ilovebuvette.com/about/
  36. Hole in the Wall Coffee https://www.holeinthewallnyc.com/
  37. Miss Lily’s http://www.misslilys.com/
  38. Red Farm https://www.redfarmnyc.com/
  39. Santina https://www.santinanyc.com/
  40. Upland http://www.uplandnyc.com/
  41. Dimes http://dimesnyc.com/restaurant
  42. Charlie Bird https://www.charliebirdnyc.com/#home
  43. The Grange Bar and Eatery http://thegrangebarnyc.com/    

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  1. Love this list! Thanks for posting. Also just as an FYI– Hundred Acres has permanently closed but has reopened as a mediterranean place called “Shuka” (same owners) and likely has clean eats too. Happy Autumn 🙂

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