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When I was a little girl, my Grandma would talk to me about the special powers of magnesium and how it was the one mineral she made sure to get into her body on a daily basis. At the time, I didn’t really understand why. I wasn’t sure what the connection was between this mineral and feeling so fabulous. Then I got sick and my whole world turned upside down. I spent the last 10 years trying to heal my body and the last 4 in and out of bed with chronic muscle pain, Candida and hormonal imbalances, which are all connected- of course. What helped me the most? Magnesium baths, topical magnesium and taking magnesium orally through a powder form from a brand I couldn’t live without, Natural Vitality. I’m sure you have all seen these bottles in Whole Foods Market or your local health food store but once I started using it, I’ve been in love and haven’t stopped using it. I can recall seeing this bottle in my cousin’s home when I lived in LA over 12 years ago and I had no idea what it was for. I didn’t understand the connection between feeling calm and taking magnesium, but now I totally get it. O boy do I get it.

So, what is magnesium and why is it so powerful?

CALM Magnesium

We’re Out of Balance

When we are under stress, which could be anything from an inbox full of emails to your mother-in-law saying something inappropriate to your kids hectic schedules to you being late for a meeting, our cells and our entire body gets out of whack. I’m sure you can relate. I sure can. Before this journey to healing I was under stress. And up until a few months ago, I realized I was still putting myself under so much stress. I was living a relaxed lifestyle but my brain was going a million miles an hour (as my healers would tell me). I couldn’t help it. So, I had to sit myself down, start saying NO to people and events, start letting go of relationships and friendships that drained my energy and started increasing my magnesium intake. Let’s just say I’m a new woman, ha. Super relaxed and calm inside versus the craziness I felt for so long that I couldn’t control. Magnesium is my go-to every day. It’s been a staple in my pantry and right now it’s the only ‘supplement’ that I actually take.

So, what is magnesium and why is it so good for us?

Magnesium helps our muscles and nerves function a-ok; it keeps our heart beating steady, supports our immune system to keep us healthy and works on keeping our bones strong. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels (which is key for anyone with PCOS or Diabetes), promotes normal blood pressure and is our mo-jo for producing and even storing energy.

I remember hearing from one of my doctors that the majority of people are deficient in magnesium at a cellular level, which can be the result of stress such as emotional stress, certain drugs, strenuous exercise and eating too much calcium. I had to be tested for my magnesium levels through a urine test because my blood work magnesium levels weren’t accurate- something I didn’t learn until a few years ago from working with a Functional/Integrative M.D. Interesting, isn’t it? Once I did the 24 hour urine test, I was able to see that my magnesium was low and that’s when I started diving into the world of magnesium. Many of us are low in magnesium because the foods we eat can lose a lot of magnesium during processing and refining. My best advice is to steer clear of the processed foods and eat whole, organic foods to reap the nutrients!

CALM Magnesium

Why Do We Need Magnesium?

We need to replenish our supply of magnesium on a daily basis.  Since magnesium is constantly in motion in our cells, tissues and blood, we lose a bit each day as we sweat, as our hair and fingernails grow, as we loose skin cells and through our urine- since our kidneys clean our blood. How do I use CALM? Well, I take a magnesium bath with their bath potion at least 3 nights a week right before bed to relax me, then I take a spoonful of their CALM magnesium powder after dinner in a cup of water and I use the CALM magnesium cream a few times a month or as needed if I have sore muscles.

Getting Our Bodies Back into Balance

Who doesn’t like to feel balanced? I know I crave that balanced feeling that I get when I’m calm and rejuvenated, which is why I use Natural Calm each week (and I even travel with their travel packets so I can keep myself regular- and not constipated when I’m flying). It restores healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake so I always feel more ‘Me’ after I take it. Funny thing is that when I stop taking it, I notice. That isn’t common for me with supplements. I took 75 supplements per day for 4 years straight and now I don’t take a thing-and I don’t miss any of them or feel worse off of them. I actually feel better, which was a huge shock for me. Why did I spend so much money all those years on supplements that weren’t really working for me? The highly absorb-able powder formula is the best magnesium supplement that I’ve ever tried and it’s not in pill form, which is so much easier to digest. Yes, it’s a powder! So, it’s simple to put into water, tea or any beverage you drink. I gave this CALM powder to a few of my girlfriends who were dealing with constipation a few years ago and they’ve been in love with it ever since. It allows our muscles to relax and since our colon is a muscle, it can certain help with bowel movements. That’s a win-win for anyone with constipation, who can’t find relief! These products have changed my life and now I totally understand why my Grandma was in love with magnesium. It truly is magical.

Also, check out my Constipation Program for more additional resources and information if you are experiencing symptoms of constipation.







This post was sponsored by CALM Magnesium. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I used to have restless leg syndrome which would keep me up at night. It felt like I had insects or snakes crawling up and down inside my legs. The nutritionist at our health foods store said I needed magnesium. I drink Calm every night now before bed and sleep just fine. No restless legs!

  2. Nancy, me too! I know I NEED magnesium, I USED to take it, (and felt great!)But for about a year I’ve been suffering from (nervous) IBS-D.And no, cant take mag w/out horrible results.
    I’m going to get some of the cream.AND do a little searchingh.On one doctor’s site, a type of mag that doesnt cause diarrhea is discussed.

  3. Where do you get the Calm Magnesium Cream. I’ve never seen this. Can’t take the powder, even a little bit gives me diarrhea. Thank you