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I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for awhile now.

I’m feeling better than I ever have and I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to feel incredible.

There is a TON of information in my NEW book (When you pre-order my NEW COOKBOOK Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation and Reset Your Body from one of these online retailers you’ll get 6 Free Exclusive Recipes that are NOT in my cookbook when you enter your purchase code on my landing page!) where I take you through my story of how I got to the root cause of numerous chronic illnesses. I also share what I do on a daily basis how I helped my body detox. I believe that what I know and what I am able to share with you from my first-hand experience is a less resistant path to your wellness than other painful and deprived paths that I was on.

I believe in natural well-being with Integrative and Functional Medicine and I know anyone can have greater access to the answers they need if they could understand how to take charge of their health and listen to themselves to know what’s right and wrong for their body.

I meet so many people who are working with doctors and they aren’t getting better, however when they contact me they tell me they’ve been with that practitioner for years…and what’s my first question? “WHY are you still with that practitioner?” My advice is to give your doctor 3-5 months and if you do not see results, you need to move on. The main thing I’ve learned throughout the last 10 years is that every single doctor knows something different- they are NOT all the same! I had to see over 500 doctors and spend a ridiculous amount of money to get the opinions and thoughts from hundreds of doctors. I learned something from each of them, I took detailed notes, I kept records of EVERY blood work and EVERY test and I put the puzzle pieces together. I taught myself how to be fiercely independent and realize the chaos of the Western medicine system and decided to do something different in a radical way.

Eating Clean Mark Hyman Cookbook

There are so many people that are looking for a new way to get well and I am standing here with a bright light showing you what that new way can be in my book. Most people are seeking methodology from something new- and that’s what I want to bring to you through the 400 pages of this book and what I’ve learned throughout my journey.

How can you flow freely into well-being when there is so much confusion out there in magazines, TV and media? As well as how every Western medicine doctor feels compelled to look at what’s wrong with their patients and points out (numerous times) what’s wrong and evokes fear that makes it less possible for the person to heal because they are in fear.

I am going to help you create an atmosphere in your body that is conducive to your body and you are going to make that happen with the tips I’ve laid out in this book along with over 200 anti-inflammatory recipes without gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar,peanuts, caffeine, alcohol, white flour and corn.

I know how to lead you to a thriving life but you have to be willing to do the work. Trust me, the last 10 years weren’t easy for me but if you do the work, you can heal. I’m living proof.

I’ve got the answers for you in this book. And these are the answers you’ve been looking for.

The reason I wrote my NEW book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation and Reset Your Body is to help you whether you have a minor symptom such as bloating or headaches, chronic illness, or you’re just looking to clean up your food and your life. I want to hand over the keys to you to share what I’ve learned and how I’ve healed because helping you is what makes my heart sing.

None of the information I’m sharing here in this blog post is in my book- this is more of a post to share my thoughts with you since you all seem to love my posts where I share my honest, open thoughts such as these past posts (which have become my most popular):

There are a TON of people out there who don’t feel self sufficient and don’t care about being self sufficient and don’t want to be self sufficient and are waiting for others to take care of them and looking to doctors for a pill to cure them. After working with leading edge doctors, I realized after many years of getting nowhere and feeling like I was going in circles, that I had to OWN my health and figure out how to heal in a real way.

I freed myself from doctors who didn’t understand or believe me and made more time and space for doctors and healers who DID get me. I learned something that people have told me in the past (and yes I ignored many, many, many times) that for true healing you need to ALSO focus on your mind-body (along with functional medicine). And as more and more people are becoming aware of this way of healing and looking for the overall approach to wellness.

I stopped looking at magazines and TV because I felt like the people who are selling pharma drugs are instilling fear in all of us and feeding us ‘symptoms’ via media which is so sad- and there are millions of people around us who listen to those advertisements. But there are also millions of people who are looking for a better path because they feel a natural aversion to those Western medicine scary advertisements for drugs. Don’t get me wrong–Western medicine is wonderful if you break a bone or have a heart attack, however, their model doesn’t know anything about wellness and that’s why I want to help you because I’ve been down the road of Western medicine and have healed through Integrative/Functional medicine and have learned how to treat my body as a whole.

So, here’s a few things that I’ve been doing the last few months to help with my mind-body healing…. I hope you find some of these helpful.

Practice the vibration of feeling good. Practice it like a thinking muscle. I’ve learned how to enjoy life. The physical conditions that go on in our bodies need the positivity and happiness to help us fully heal.

Accept responsibility for your mood because you can focus on good things even when there are negative things unraveling around you. You are where you are with your current state of your health because of a variety of things you’ve been doing. But I’ve learned that our moods are a big indicator to what we’ve got going on with our health. I had to be willing to feel positive and take responsibility for my mood (I taught myself to feel optimistic and hopeful even in negative current experiences) without feeling worried. I learned how to worry less and learned how to let everything go.

My best advice? Opt out of any negativity around you. And choose hope over fear. If you are surrounding yourself with people who are negative or fearing different things from the news and gossip, then you’ve gotta ignore them and think about feeling good because you have the ability to feel good. You don’t need anyone to be different for your mood to change. You’ve got to start with yourself and accept responsibility for the way you feel each and every day. You want be joyful when there are miserable people around so they don’t drag you down! You want to be thinking positive even when there are negative things going on around you. The choices of your mood are such a huge part of wellness that I’ve just discovered this past year. Most people walk around and have knee-jerk reactions to the conditions that happen in their daily life (without taking responsibility for their mood) and living like this will suck the life out of you and will make you sick. These people looking for happiness in something else externally and that is what much of our modern world is experiencing and why certain people can’t understand why they aren’t healing.

The one thing that I had on my side the entire time throughout these last 10 years was my optimistic outlook on every situation- whether it was a new diagnosis or a treatment. And that, honestly, was something that I believe aided in my healing- especially throughout the last 12 months.

Tell the story to yourself that gives you ease because the answers will flow to you in magnificent ways. So many of my clients are struggling with “I don’t know what I should do”. They need to learn how to stop the struggle and let the answers come from inside of them- their own guidance because THAT is the guidance which will lead you to the right new doctor, make you think about tiny things you are doing that might be triggering symptoms, etc. Or someone comes to you with a piece of information you need or you hear something that makes you think twice about what you are doing. So many people are orchestrating their lives from outside of their own self-guidance; they’re listening to the potions and juices and powders that aren’t doing them any good because they’re not in tune with their body.

If you can find a good thought and you stay there and think about why that thought feels good, you’ll hold yourself in a high vibration of happiness. This isn’t to say you always need to be happy–sometimes we have bad days and we should let ourselves cry or feel down. I’m not saying that we should resist our feelings or always be happy because that’s not reality. However, I am saying that throughout the last 10 years I’ve realized that focusing on getting myself to a happy place has helped me heal- no matter how much pain I was facing.

I can remember getting bone marrow biopsies and feeling awful pain while I laid there awake with my mother holding my hand a few years ago…and I closed my eyes and thought happy things like listening to my favorite music or being on vacation surrounded by my favorite people or feeling loved by myself and others.

I’ve realized that we all just want love. And our world needs more love. There just doesn’t seem to be much love anymore–as a society we are more fear-based rather than love-based. The lack of love in our society is making so many people sad and sick and I’m seeing this everyday with clients and when I speak at conferences and events. I think the lack of love I had for many years in my life (not feeling loved) affected my health- which is why I talk so much now about self love and how I learned to truly love myself- which led to my healing.

Rather than wanting to be the object of someone’s love, I’ve learned to be the one that offers the love. I’ve learned how to mediate myself into alignment with myself to start to heal my mind. I know this sounds wild to many of you—-this would have sounded bogus to me a few years ago but I feel it’s my duty to tell you what has helped me heal. People told me to meditate and go inside for my answers the last few years and I brushed them off because I wanted a quick fix.

Well, that quick fix didn’t happen and when I ended up on my bathroom floor in so much pain I thought I was dying last year, I had to stop and tell myself the old way wasn’t working anymore and I needed a new way to get to a deeper level.

I hope my story and my book inspire you to live your best, healthiest life.

Sending you so much love.


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  1. Hi Amie, Thank you for sharing this post. I am sending it to my brother in law who has seen many specialist about a deformation in his stomach which has been making him sick for years. Similar to your story the doctors all say different things and finally told him that they cannot even operate. He is left discouraged beyond belief! How can specialist in medicine not even try to find a way. I always say that we are our best doctors since no one will care as much as we do about our health. Positive energy is such an underrated medicine. Thank you again, I do enjoy reading your posts. Xxx

    1. Thank you Christaine; lovely to hear from you. We have to realize we have the power over ourselves and to keep reminding ourselves of this. It took me 34 years to realize this. Big hugs! xx