My holiday gift guide for foodies includes just a few gluten-free odds n’ ends that may spark a smile on your loved one’s face this holiday season…

Here are a few of my favorites.

All clean ‘n gluten-free, of course.

Valerie Rice Entertain Apron (So cute to sport around in your little kitchen while looking so important!)

Glow Gluten Free Cookies (Gotta love these gluten-free nibbles, plus their founder was a huge part of my life in helping my stomach heal.)

OXO Salad Spinner (No more soggy salads; I’ll never give this guy up.)

Rishi Tea (Every morning I have a cup of their green tea and it makes my entire day.)

Bodum Hot Water Maker (Short n’ sweet and takes less time than boiling water on the stove top. Plus it’s pretty fancy!)

Spaghetti Measure (Measure those portions of gluten-free spaghetti with this nifty gadget!)

Kitchen Aid Food Processor (By far the best one on the market- love the wide brim and easy pouring feature. I could easily use it as a bowl and grab a spoon to enjoy my treats!)

Aura Cacia Essential Oils (Great Stocking Stuffer. I rub a bit of Lavender on my wrist each night and orange in my shower!)

Anthropologie Bowls n’ Plates (You can never have too many pretty props.)

Whole Foods Market Gift Card (Great Stocking Stuffer. I’ve asked for about 10 of these.)

Simply Organic Spice Rack (I have one of these and I’m asking for another!)

Anderson Seafood Delivery (Fresh seafood delivered with impeccable taste and the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen. So professional!)

Boos Cutting Board (Magic in my kitchen.)

Cookie Sheet Liners (What are the holidays without cookies, anyway?)

Harry & David Fruit of the Month Club (Fresh fruit delivered right to your door- I’ll take it!)

Apple Tree To-Be Kit (Enough said. It’s adorable.)

Dean & De Luca Holiday Cookies (Because they’re just so darn pretty.)

Tupperware Turbo Chef (Love this for chopping fresh veggies so easily.)

Lunch Skins (Perfect for when I travel to store my snacks n’ goodies.)

Kitchen Aid Hand Blender (Amazing for my soups n’ smoothies.)

Bodum Peeler (Great Stocking Stuffer.)

Avalon Organics Hand Lotion (Great Stocking Stuffer for those dry hands!)

Frontier Loose Teas (Great Stocking Stuffer; you can give this with a glass tea pot under the tree.)

Aroma Naturals Meditation Travel Candle (These make your kitchen smell amazing.)

Happy Holidays, buddies!

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  1. Thanks for the great list full of high quality ingredients for a successful holiday recipe. I’m a fan of baking myself, so I could always use more cookware/spices on my gift list.

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