Yes, you surely can do it all with a handy-dandy Cuisinart.

Well, I can at least.

You name it, I’ve pulsed it.

I’ve pureed it.

I’ve whipped it up to a smooth, smothering consistency perfectly delicious eaten with a spoon right out of the Cuisinart.  Well, okay maybe plate it first, but I end up eating a good amount right then and there when I pop open the lid and taste my creamy creation.

So, what CAN you make in this lil’ food processor that I’m lovin’?

A whole lot.

And more.

But, for right now we’ll start with a few of my favorites.

  • Gluten-Free Dough. I often use the metal blade to create delicious gluten-free pasta and pizza doughs that are beautiful, plump and moist.
  • Nut Butters. As you’ve seen in my previous nut butter makin’ posts, you can easily use the metal blade to process any nut of choice (I like cashews, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts) for 2-3 minutes along with a pinch of oil for a smooth, creamy nut butter.
  • Homemade Chips. I use the slicing disk to create healthy homemade chips using sweet potatoes, parsnips and beets.
  • Bread Crumbs. I’ll often take a hunk of my stale gluten-free bread, slice it up and toss it into the food processor using the metal blade to create bread crumbs for my up and coming recipes such as chicken fingers and eggplant Parmesan.
  • Cole Slaw. Chopping up cabbage takes forever, so I often purchase a few heads of cabbage of different colors and toss them into the processor with the slicing disk for a fun-fetti cole slaw.
  • Baby Food. Perfect for steamed veggies pureed with the metal blade and served warm or at room temperature to babies for a quick, fresh and soft meal.
  • Soups. I often toss in cooked sweet potatoes and steamed veggies along with avocado, Greek yogurt and fresh herbs with the metal blade to make a chilled or hot soup.
  • Grated Cheese. Whether you use goat cheese, cow cheese, rice cheese, soy cheese or any other form of cheese, you can easily use the grating disk to create a grated version of your favorite cheeses.

If you’re in Manhattan this weekend, be sure to stop on by the NYC Vegetarian Festival as I’ll be showcasing a live gluten-free cooking demo and speaking on a panel about deliciously clean, gluten-free eating.

Enjoy your weekend, foodies.

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  1. My family and I love cheese. We try not to eat it too often, but when we do, we like to enjoy quality cheese! I have never considered buying a new cheese grater until now. Thank you for the article!

  2. I want a food processor. I want many, many more kitchen (and house) applicances. I think it’s a sign of maturity! 🙂 I used to crave jewelry and flowers. No more…Bring on all household helpers. My priorities are priceless.

    1. Thanks Shelly; I agree completely. I’m a household helper kinda gal now…all about the fun kitchen appliances…my food processor is the greatest tool…hummus, guacamole and pates…it’s delish.
      Have a great day; wonderful to hear from you!

  3. I need to get a food processor! The blender is just not working as a substitute anymore! Thanks for the recipes!

    1. Thanks Kat; I’m addicted to the food processor…it’s become my go-to for quick n’ easy snacks, soups and meals. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great day and thank you for your comment.

  4. I really want a cuisinart, but it’s a little pricey right now. When I sell my house, I’m planning on buying a cuisinart, a vitamix and a dyson. My husband doesn’t understand. Haha!

    Once you’ve sliced the potatoes for homemade chips, how do you cook them? Do you bake them in the oven?

    1. Thanks so much, I would love a Vitamix too; they’re great and so powerful! I’m looking forward to hearing when you do purchase these fun appliances. I cook the sweet potatoes at 350 degrees F for 20-25 minutes usually. I also have lots of healthy ‘fries’ recipes and ‘chips’ recipes in my recipe section if you search for them in my search box. Hope this helps; have a great weekend and Bon Appetit!