Last Monday my dear friend Susan invited me to the De Gustibus Cooking School located inside Macy’s Herald Square here in Manhattan for a fabulous evening of cooking demonstrations and dinner by the famous green caterer, Mary Cleaver, owner of The Cleaver Company, deliciously tasty farm-to-table fresh restaurant located in Chelsea Market.

The event was centered around ‘Entertaining For All Palattes’ and Mary did just that..and beyond.  She wowed me with her dazzling cooking techniques and served up a delicious menu full of unique green market fare.  While sipping on champagne and exquisite wines, we were presented with a five course meal that was prepared right in front of our eyes.

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The mission of De Gustibus is “To continue the tradition of serving the culinary community by showcasing the talents of established chefs, rising stars and sommeliers to food and wine lovers, with the utmost hospitality.”

This class was incredibly interesting and the dinner was delicious.  I am surely going to be checking out the calender of events at De Gustibus and attending another class soon.

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Our dinner started off with a soup and crudites, followed by oysters and duck with roasted vegetables.  And to top off the perfect evening a chocolate dessert.

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I had a wonderful time at the De Gustibus Cooking School and I will surely be returning for another exciting class and tasty meal.  Thank you, Susan for a fabulously delicious evening.

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