And so it’s the middle of July already.

Where has the time been going?

I wish it was summer forever.

I’m back this month with a few things that I recently discovered and LOVED.

I liked them.

I like you.

So, I’m sharing them with you.

Nothing trendy.

Nothing that’s impossible to find.

Just a few odds n’ ends that washed up on the shore and I thought you’d enjoy them.

You can bring them to the beach, the bungalow, the picnic or the BBQ.  Or you can just hang out in your backyard with a plastic swimming pool and fresh lemonade and call it a day. Either, way, everything is grand because it’s summer.

No biggie.




1. Faherty Brand Women’s Shorts // 2. Small Market Bag // 3. MyChelle Unscented Sunscreen // 4. Badger Organic Anti-Bug Balm // 5. Badger Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm // 6. Garden Hang Tags // 7. Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner // 8. Bamboo Utensil Kit // 9. Farmer’s Market Rack Basket // 10. All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer// 11. CV Skinlabs Calming Facial Moisturizer // 12. Seed Storage Envelopes // 13. Paddle Ball Set

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying your blog. I, too, have been suffering with various food allergies and autoimmune diagnoses over the past 8 years, and am finding so much useful information here.

  2. Hi Amie,
    sorry to hear about Lyme Disease being added to your list. I hope they are able to treat it and it won’t turn into the chronic form. If it already has, I am truly sorry. I have IGg, IGa, IG1 and IG2 deficiencies, and chronic reactive arthritis from food poisoning back in 2002. I love reading and trying your recipes! Keep up the good work!

  3. I always love seeing what everyone else is in love with. I love the badger bug balm, the little badger on the packaging reminds me of Francis the badger from the children’s books! 😉
    Very fun round-up!