I recently received a complimentary AcuMat: Eco in the mail to review.  The AcuMat: Eco consists of a rubber mattress with ABS plastic spikes attached in a circular pattern, an organic cotton mattress sheet with a carrying case and instruction book, which are all eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

The AcuMat was launched in Sweden and has recently introduces their revolutionary acupressure mat to the United States.  With roots in Eastern medicine and Indian mysticism this ‘bed of nails’ has been used for relaxation exercises, mediation and yoga as well as for healing the body while releasing tension and freeing the mind.

The Benefits of the AcuMat Include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Decreased Muscular Tension
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Improved Ability to Fall Asleep

Well, let’s just say that after reading these benefits, who wouldn’t wanna lay on this ‘bed of nails’?  I tried the AcuMat and needless to say it was quite uncomfortable at first, however, after a few minutes, I began to feel the stimulating effect and my body became quite relaxed….is this something that I would use on an ongoing basis? Hmmm, I’m not so sure as I do love my traditional soft yoga mat to simply stretch and relax…I think I could do without the ‘bed of nails’…Overall, I wasn’t very impressed by the AcuMat Eco, however I do appreciate the fact that this mat is eco-friendly!  As for now, I think I’ll stick with my yoga mat, especially with this high price point of $69.99.

Have any of you ever tried acupressure or an accupressure mat?

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  1. I agree with Sam – these mats are incredible in how they help to relax and re-energise the body mind and spirit. Acumats had been so popular in Scandinavia that we have decided to introduce them in USA as well, and we received many positive comment form the users:

    Visit us at http://www.stylewellness.com for to purchase eco-friendly AcuMats from ORGANIC cotton

    ACUMAT:ECO by StyleWellness

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