We receive so many questions asking about what to pack when we’re traveling because, well, traveling for me isn’t the typical travel. For over a decade I had to travel with food, dozens of supplements, protocols, and so much more just to keep myself functioning like a human being in my hotel room.Everything you need to pack when you're traveling.

So, I thought it would be fun and exciting to share with you a few of the things (okay, a lot of items) that I travel with to keep me feeling my best at all times. For someone who has never gone through chronic health issues, they would not understand this list AT ALL. I repeat, AT ALL. But here’s the thing. You must STOP worrying about what others think of you. They are NEVER going to understand your lifestyle and protocols and the way you have to eat and drink and sleep and so much more.

So, just let that go and do what makes you feel good when you’re traveling. Because, you’re the one that has to feel you’re best and you are the ONLY one who will be able to take care of yourself if you become symptomatic, fatigued, get sick from eating different foods or drinking unfiltered water or whatever it may be.

I’ve been through it all: mold in my hotel room when a friend I was staying with didn’t smell a thing, dehydration, awful stomach issues from eating at restaurants that don’t prepare their food correctly, migraines, nausea, and all the symptoms that come along with Lyme, PCOS, Candida, SIBO, and so much more.

Chances are you’ve been going through symptoms yourself and you feel like you can’t get away because you’re too scared to take the chance. 


I haven’t been on a vacation in over a decade…

I know, I know…I am going. I’m ready!

But, I was too unwell to go and way too scared to be stranded somewhere and symptomatic. Anyone who has been through a chronic illness where doctors can no longer help you know that when you’re not home or close to your practitioners that can help you, you will feel like you’re dying.

And I didn’t want to deal with that.

So, here is a list of what has helped me the most when I’m traveling for work (and soon-to-be-VACATION)!

Everything is non-toxic, of course.

The only thing missing from the items below is an enema bag with a bag of organic coffee for organic coffee enemas in my hotel room, if I need it. These saved my LIFE during Lyme Disease, for real and they are the easiest and BEST way to detox your liver, especially when you’re not feeling well.

My favorite item below, which may surprise you is the Epsom Salts, because they detox my body so fast if I’m dealing with PMS or hormonal fluctuations or fatigue. These saved me so much when I had Lyme and during my Biofilm protocol because my liver couldn’t detox fast enough so I had to hand it over to my skin, our biggest organ, to help me detox more and quicker for relief and peace of mind!

We also highly recommend checking out our feature Are You Allowed to Bring Food on Your Carryon? article for more tips and strategies to stay healthy and sane while you’re traveling. 


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