Let’s talk about a kitchen playlist for cooking.


It’s about time I shared the playlist I use when I’m cooking in my Manhattan kitchen. I receive so many requests from people who ask for great music to listen to while cooking so I figured, why not share a cozy kitchen playlist with you?

There are so many good songs for cooking but there’s something about these songs that makes me truly happy whether I’m making burgers or whipping up a dessert. No matter what you’re making or what season it is, these songs are sure to leave you feeling a bit lighter and happier, because at the end of the day the thought of coming home and cooking a delicious meal while listening to fabulous music is pretty fantastic, isn’t it?


Click the image above to listen to my selection of songs, turn them up in your kitchen and have fun while cooking.


p.s. I’m always sharing more songs on my Instagram stories each week if you’re in the mood. I have a category for Feel Good Songs and Relaxing Songs in my highlights, as well.

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  1. It’s an eclectic mix of some excellent songs. “You Got Me” is a classic. You can’t ever go wrong with Celine Dion, either. Cool to see someone loves Tiffany as much as I do!

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