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It’s something we all want but sometimes we don’t know how to get there. Most of my clients have started to realize they’ve been bombarded by advertisement images of happiness their whole life. And after we start working together, they start to realize that true happiness has absolutely nothing to do with getting ‘things’ outside of you. Sure, they can bring you a smile and the feeling of joy for a bit but it’s fleeting.

In my 20’s, I shopped a lot. A whole lot. I got my happiness from buying things. These ‘things’ brought me so much joy when I purchased them but then they sat in my closet and I ended up forgetting about them. Months later I’d realize I actually didn’t like that ring/top/skirt/dress/etc that I purchased and it continued to sit for years. So, is that happiness?

Not to me.

We’ve been conditioned since childhood to get a reward for ‘things’ but as we get older we realize these ‘things’ only bring us happiness for so long. This is why I talk so much about softening yourself, trusting yourself (Part I and Part II), following your intuition, opening yourself up to life and slowing down because, in my opinion, that’s what will lead you to true, genuine JOY (a level above happiness).

I’m living proof.

Keep following your heart, doing things that make you smile (like taking a walk or saying NO to something you really don’t want to do), and learning how to trust yourself enough to realize what’s next and what no longer fits for you. It’s a journey. You’ll see. One day you’ll end up with a completely different outlook on life and you’ll finally start to FEEL. That’s when life gets really, really delicious.


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