Okay folks, it’s almost summer (wahoooooooooooooo!) and I know you’ve looked everywhere for non-toxic sunscreen and the only thing on the shelves is a tube of white paste full of chemicals, right? Yuck. Most sunscreens are full of toxic chemicals and as I’ve discussed numerous times, your skin is your biggest organ. It’s so important to make sure your sunscreen is free of chemicals so that you can lessen the body burden of toxins on your liver and other organs!

I know it’s a struggle to find ‘real’ sunscreen in the store so…

Today’s post is all about sunscreen. I’m sharing my favorite non-toxic and organic brands so you’re all set for soaking up the sunshine this summer.

No sunburn over here.

Don’t let the label ‘natural’ fool you on a bottle of sunscreen; the word natural isn’t regulated so you’ll need to make sure you’re reading the ingredient list to ensure there are no chemicals inside the bottle! The brands below are all non-toxic and are easy to apply for kids and adults.

There isn’t a sunscreen on the market that gives you 100% protection but SPF 30 blocks 97% of the sun’s UV rays and SPF 50 may block a few more rays but there’s not much evidence that a higher number of sunblock blocks more rays. If I were you, I’d use 30 or 50 and wouldn’t go below or above either of those numbers.




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  1. Hi Amie,
    I noticed that your list of sunscreens doesn’t mention KISS MY FACE. I’m using their face factor 50. Do you approve of this company?
    Thanks, Christine

    1. Hi Christine, I thought about including them but I’m not a fan. I am not familiar with their products and not sure how clean they are. These are the brands I trust. Hope that helps! oxx

  2. The EWG healthy living app has scored many of these particular sunblocks you have picked: Alba, Supergoop and Babo, a toxicity rating of 4. It is recommended to aim for a 2 or lower. These brands all make lower rated options. Badger comes in at 2 and under, but personally I think the badger products go on like glue and leave me feeling goopy. Maybe they have changed that with newer formulas. Staying with unscented is always is a safer bet because fragrance just adds chemicals to a product and the ingredients included in a fragrance do not have to be disclosed, it’s considered a ” trade secret”. Coola and Beautycounter are my go to sunblock brands and don’t leave my skin feeling gross or color tinged.
    Here is a link to all the best rated sunblocks by EWG based on their toxicity rating.

    1. I actually don’t follow the EWG for everything because my favorite makeup Tata Harper is a bad number on EWG and it’s all pure makeup from plants but since there are metals in the Earth, it comes up in the makeup so you can’t always believe what you read. You have to really know where the product is coming from and who stands behind their brand. EWG is amazing but some of the brands that have good ratings on there, I don’t agree with because I know first-hand what’s inside of them. Just be cautious when you’re reading anything, find your own information and trust your intuition. xox

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