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Let’s talk about body lotion.

I was never too much of a fan of it.


Well, because so many brands I tried were gooey and sticky and smelled funny or they’d make my skin feel sticky when I was sweating.

Hence, why I gave up on body lotion for many years.

Until I discovered a few brands that I really loved.

And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today.



I really love using facial oils on my face. However, when it comes to my body, lotion seems to do the trick. I use them from my chest down to my toes and I apply it right after I get out of the shower when I’m applying my makeup, putting on my deodorant and putting facial oil on my neck and face. I try to get all of this done within 5 minutes right when I hop out of the shower and dry off so it’s not daunting and exhausting.

I’m not the kind of gal that takes hours to get ready.

I’m quick.

In and out.

These brands last awhile so you won’t need to buy a new bottle every month. They’re great even when you’re sweating and they last all day, which is what I really loved about all of them. You can use them however you’d like and wherever you’d like but I find the quickest and easiest way to apply these lotions is when your skin is still a bit moist (but not wet) right after towel drying from your shower or bath.



I’ve tried a heck of a lot of lotions. Let’s just start by saying that.

But these brands are different. They also happen to be a few of my favorite brands that I use for other beauty products, as well. They’re all non-toxic so they’re made with really great ingredients that are high-quality and that you can trust. They’re also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, like myself, because they’re not the kind of lotions that will cause you to break out or anything of that sort. They’re made from simple ingredients that are clean.

I also included my favorite baby lotion in this roundup because I know many of you have asked me what is safe to use on your baby. The Erbaviva brand below is fabulous and I love using the baby lotion even on my sensitive skin.

Take a look below to see if any of these brands float your boat and click on the product for more information.


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  1. …. oops… i commented on wanting a decent-smelling non-toxic lotion just now…. The one that i thought smelled legit NOT good is one of these on your list…. Just wondering if I’m alone? If you have some on this list that you find really good-smelling, let us know!

    1. Hi M! No worries. Sometimes it can be tricky to find brands you like 🙂 I think the Erbaviva lotions smell nice, and they use essential oils to add scent. Dr. Bronner’s also has lotion that smell great — I really like the lavender one. Hopefully you’ll like one of those!

  2. Hey there Lovely, Brave Amie !
    Just discovered your recently, so moved by your story, bought and DEVOURED your cleanse cookbook… I’ve learned so so much. But I”m so sorry your years of incredible suffering is how I’ve learned… Still we’re grateful, my friend. Thank you for speaking out.
    My question: I bought what I thought was a highly rated non-toxic face & body lotion, and I have to say, I & everyone I live with thought it smelled… weird. Kinda bad. And I”m not picky about scents.. not sensitive skin, like lots of scents… But this was just not a good scent. and it didn’t seem spoiled.. it just smelled very medicinal, but not in a fresh, invigorating way. So…. DUMB QUESTION: CAN YOU REC. A REALLY NICE-SMELLING ONE OF THESE NON TOXIC LOTIONS? Thanks!

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