Americans consume over 30 million pounds of food on Super Bowl Sunday, twice the normal amount. In a girth-growing world, Doctor Kracker offers some simple solutions to cut the fat.

According to recent studies, the average American consumes over 1,200 calories during the Super Bowl- a full day’s worth. It’s not surprising however, when looking at consumer shopping habits. Leading up to the big day, Americans buy over 11 million pounds of chips and sales of flavored snack crackers increase by a whopping 68%, most of which are laden with hydrogenated oils (which increase the chances of developing heart disease), corn syrup, sugar and empty calories.

But never fear, the Doctor is here. Doctor Kracker, a brand of artisan baked nutritious, satisfying and organic flatbreads and crackers, offers a few simple solutions that will make your Super Bowl snacking taste indulgent while cutting the fat.

First, take inventory of your Super Bowl standbys: chili, chips, wings, cheese and buttery crackers, to name a few.  While the #1 cracker in America might only set you back 80 calories per serving, most consumers eat double that. By substituting one serving size of Ritz crackers (16 grams, or 5 crackers) with the same serving size of Doctor Kracker (15 grams, 4 crackers), you can save 20 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, that same serving of Doctor Kracker provides a healthy 2 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, flax and omega-3s, leaving the processed, butter-filled crackers in the dust.

Available in a variety of flavors and sizes, Doctor Kracker makes the perfect vessel for dips and hummus, as well as a deliciously healthy key ingredient in burgers, sandwiches and even lasagna. The result? More flavor, better nutrients, less fat.

I love serving Dr. Kracker flatbreads and crackers at my Super Bowl party; they’re always a hit and you can create a beautiful spread of hummus, guacamole, salsa and bean dips.  Your guests will be pleased with your healthy Super Bowl offerings…but be sure to save some for yourself as these tasty nibbles will surely go fast!  Dr. Kracker is my favorite  cracker brand and their flavor varieties are sure to please your taste buds on any occasion….

I know you’ll love them too.

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